Will China be the Dominant Power in the World ?

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There are many alarming stories in the West that China is the next superpower and it controls a third of the US economy. Many opine that China will soon be the number one power in the world. Many of the people who are writing all this stuff are perhaps not aware of the actual state of affairs in China.

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The Chinese communists took over in 1949 under Chairman Mao tse Tung. Instead of trying to get the nation on the path of peace and prosperity, Mao tse Tung unleashed twin campaigns with the aim of ushering a perpetual revolution. Mao launched ‘let a 100 flowers bloom’ and the ‘cultural revolution’. At a conservative estimate 30 million Chinese died during these twin campaigns.

The death of Mao did not change the stranglehold of the Communist party and though China shifted its economic policy, the political agenda remained the same. Dissidents were arrested and imprisoned and people asking for democracy were summarily shot like the Tiananmen square massacre, when over a 1000 + students were summarily shot.

China also tried expansionist policy against India and Vietnam and failed on both counts. It is suppressing Tibet with an iron hand. The people themselves in China are a regimented lot. They can’t own fire arms, can’t travel freely from one place to another, cannot travel abroad and a host of other civil liberties as we know in India and the USA are non-existent in China.

Thus China is sitting on a volcano which may erupt any time. Erupt it will as you cannot keep an entire race enslaved for generations. Though the Chinese have no tradition of democracy having known only autocracy, yet at some stage the communist hold will weaken. In fact if there is an evil empire it is China. It enslaves its people, pays lip service to Marxism and rights of the workers and tries to muscle its neighbors. How many know that the workers in China have no right of strike, yet it talks of Marxism. Marx would be turning in his grave at what is happening in China.

Such a nation has really no chance of leading the world. Soviet Russia collapsed and I am sure China will also follow the same route. The inner contradiction of suppression of freedom and colonization of colonies like Tibet is bound to backfire. It will then be known that China was a paper dragon which got burnt while snorting its own fire.

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Will China be the Dominant Power in the World ?, Seekyt
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