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Will the Doctrines of the Bible work for YOU?

Is Jesus real? Are his doctrines?

The Feast of the Tabernacles is taking place. This is an annual Jewish feast that is celebrated to commemorate the provision that God gave to the Jews, while they were in exodus through the wilderness, from the bondage of Egypt. The disciples told Jesus, the Feast is bout to start, let’s hurry and get down to Judea. He told his disciples, you go ahead, it is not time for me to attend yet (John 7), so He sent them on ahead. When it was time for him to go, he left Galilee to go to Judea, however, no one knew of it. When is disciples arrived, everyone at the Feast began to ask about Jesus, whether he was coming or not. They had all heard of the miracles he had done, and wanted to see more. However, there was a divided, as it is with every group of people; some believed in him, and that he was a good man, while others believed he was a fake and a deceiver.

How can we Know He is real?

When Jesus arrived at the Feast, he didn’t go among the people (of course he knew they were divided about him), but he entered into the Temple to teach. He told them, (paraphrased) listen folks, the things that I do, they are not my own mandate, I am on a mission from God. Also, the things that I say, they are not my words, but they also come from God. So if you want to know if what I say is true, and whether it will work for you or not, then do them. In John 7:17, he said, If anyone will do His will, he will know of the doctrine, whether it is from God or whether I speak of myself.

Are You Game?

The same holds true for us today. You want to know if God is real, will his spoken words work for you, then do what it says, and then you will know. I knew a lady at one time, who was very worldly. I mean she was doing what any young woman in this worlds does; she had a lot of friends, they hung out together all the time, they smoke, they drank, hung out at the clubs. And when the gospel of Jesus was presented to her, she really wanted to know if it was real or was it all just hype. She thought to herself, I have good friends, they are not fly-by-night. I will try this Gospel of Jesus stuff for 30 days and that’s all. After 30 days, if I find that it is all hype, well, my friends will still be there, they won’t forget about me after just 30 days, and I can just pick up where I left off. So she did it and tried Jesus for 30 days. She did everything the gospel told her to do; she repented of her sins (transgressions against God’s word), she invited Jesus into her heart, she attended church on a regular basis, and even told God, I will do everything your Son Jesus says, but this is only for 30 days, because I need to know if you are real. She said after that, Jesus showed himself to be so real to her during that days and more. When she knew anything again, months had gone by and her life was so new and turned around, she totally forgot it was only supposed to be a 30-day deal. She is still living for God, even to this day. How about you? Are you game to try Jesus for 10, 20, 30 days out of your busy life. Do you want to know if He is real or just hype. Begin to ready the Gospels. do what it says, and you will surely know.

I Found out

That is basically what Christianity is all about. Having an up-close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Finding for yourself, if he is aware of you and knows exactly who you are. None of us have come to him being perfect or having it all together. That is the beauty of the relationship; He takes you just as you are. Will you need to make some changes? Perhaps. He will want you to take all your brokenness, hurt, and pain and cast it all upon Him. He will no want you to carry them any more. What would be the point, since He already did.

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