Williams Wall Furnace Heaters – Direct Vent Natural Gas and Propane

Are you looking for compact, economical safe heat for your home or garage this winter?

Direct Vent Wall Furnace Heaters

The smallest of the Williams direct vent wall furnaces is only 18 wide by 26”3/4 high! This attractive compact wall heater efficiently and economically warms your rooms with 14,000BTU per hour. These gas wall heaters also come in larger 22,000 and 30,000BTU in liquid propane or natural gas furnaces. All furnaces these come with complete venting materials and a ‘bird guard’ cap and conversion kits available. One of the main attractions of these direct vent wall furnace heaters is they are economical to buy, install and use, saving you money along the way. There is also an optional blower to enhance natural heat flow and save on fuel costs. Like most Williams gas wall heaters, matchless pilot light and wall or cabinet mounted thermocouple thermostat mean electricity is not a necessity to use these units.

Safe to Use in the Garage

If you work outside, in a garage or in an open workshop during winter, having adequate heating is indispensable to get the job done comfortably. Most people working outside automatically gravitate towards electric heaters because of their relative safety and ease of use. What if you can reduce the cost of heating the workshop during winter by investing in a natural gas heating device?

The Williams wall heater direct vent can give you just that. The sealed combustion chamber and the wall furnaces only using outside air, makes these a safe and economical garage or home furnace heater. Reducing the cost of your utility bill through natural gas heating is a welcome bonus.

Willams Direct Vent Gas Heaters

The Williams 3003622 Direct Vent Furnace – 30,000 BTU – Natural Gas can be used in situations described above taking into consideration the type of work you do in your workshop, as can the smaller capacity 22,000BTU Williams 2203622. Both are a little larger than the 14,000BTU model at 32 1/8” wide, by 10 ¼”deep by 28” high

The liquid propane direct vent furnaces also come in the same 3 model and sizes. The price tag of this Williams wall heater, direct vent, ranges from $600-$1000.

I hope this helps with your understanding of Williams wall furnace heaters and their advantages.