Window Screen Replacement – Time to do it!

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When the bugs start to come in at night and you are sick of the scotch tape flapping on your windows, window screen replacement starts to look good!

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Replacing window screens can be cheap, easy and fun if you know what you doing. DIY enthusiasts will love the opportunity to get their hands on anything that has to be built in the house. For the majority, it is easier to call a professional company to come and do the window screen replacement installation for you. It does cost more but you will get better results.

Cheapest screen repair

Those on a low budget and who would rather repair than replace their window screens, can buy the Window Screen Repair Tape, a roll is more economical than the latches and more versatile for bigger tears. This is a mesh tape that is 15 feet long. It is great to have in hand for quick repairs before they get out of hand and much more effective than scotch tape! This is very functional but some people might not like the fact that it is not as aesthetically appealing as having everything replaced.

Cheapest Window Screens Replacement

This is doing it yourself! There are on line details for those who are willing to replace their own screen mesh. How to guides often provide step-by-step guides to window screen replacements. You will realize that it is not that difficult to do. However, you might have to invest in some DIY tools if you don’t already have them. The window screen rolling tool is absolutely necessary for trapping the screen with the spline and pulling it tight. This is only worth doing if you plan to do more and make good use of your tools.

If you already have the frame to hold your wire mesh it can make it a more straightforward exercise. All you have to do is remove the old fiber screen cloth, cut the new one using the size of the old one, leave about 2 inches around the edges for easy installation, put the new fiber screen cloth into the old frame, trim the edges and you are done.

That is of course a simplified overview of window screen replacement. The problem that most people encounter is how to make sure the screen is tight and wave free. It is almost impossible to clamp one end of the screen cloth to the window frame whilst trying to tightly stretch and fasten it at the other end. The best way to get good results and a tight window screen replacement is by slightly tilting both ends of the frame before you attach the fiber mesh. You can achieve this by clamping the middle of the frame on both sides to a flat surface and lifting the adjacent ends upwards. You should get a slightly curved frame. Once the fiber cloth is finally attached, you can release the tension so that the frame goes back to its natural position. This will make the final screen look tight and wave free.

Easiest, but more Expensive Replacement of Window Screens or Windows

Plain window screen replacement can be done by local hardware stores, where you take the screen windows in and you bring them home with new screens in them. For more information on your options for replacement screen windows, read this article. Ordering replacement screen windows online or locally mean you either install them yourself, replacing your old frames and all or you can pay the company to do the full installation of those screens or storm windows. As always, it is up to you to decide how much work you want to do and how much money you want to spend.

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Window Screen Replacement – Time to do it!, Seekyt
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