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Windows 10: Preview & Latest Features !!

windows 10

After waiting for what seems like forever, Windows 10 is finally here and it’s far better than previous Windows 8 in many ways. Users find it both; familiar and different which is quite a notable experience. The latest version marks a come-back to traditional desktop Start Menu interface. Like Siri, voice-controlled Cortana will be your digital assistant along with a re-established notification centre and many new features. Read on and explore further!

The return of Start Menu
Everybody’s happy to see the usual Start menu but it’s not without new changes! Unlike previous version, clicking on the menu or pressing Windows key would pop-open the menu but it’s won’t cover entire screen. It has live tiles instead with interactive apps that constantly monitor and display data changes such as weather, news, stocks on flip of each tile with real-time images. You can remove the option by right-click options; resize the menu icons via click-and-drag at its edges.

Universal applications would function within windows
“Metro” apps, as Microsoft referred them were introduced with Windows 8 and new to the application world. These programs run in a full-screen that entirely separate users from the usual desktop. It was somehow confusing and inconvenient for most users however with Windows 10, apps are put to best use for everyone courtesy of Microsoft. These so-called “universal apps” will now function within the normal Windows on your desktop along with traditional desktop programs without any diversification. You can easily download and install them from Windows Store.

Tablet version is here but optional
You’ll find the default Windows desktop on desktop PC and laptop but over “tablet mode”, Windows 10 appears on full-screen just like previous interface and automatically enabled on tablets. If you’ve a convertible laptop/PC hybrid with detachable keyboard like Microsoft Surface Pro series, you’ll be prompted to switch in and out of tablet style.

Cortana – Your digitalised partner
Cortana; voice-activated virtual assistant like Siri for iOS is named after Halo game artificial intelligence! Located in the taskbar right next to Start button, you can access several features and work your way through by relaying voice commands. Cortana is originally designed to compete with Apple’s Siri and Google Now from Google performing almost similar operations. We see it as a primary player with which you can dictate emails and texts, track flights, reminders or simply talk when bored.

“Charms” & notifications
“Charms” that appear on swiping the interface from right or simply moving the pointer to certain areas over screen in Windows 8 is absent. “Shut down, restart, lock” and other options are back in Start Menu where they actually belong. New Action Centre with shortcut buttons can be accessed in latest version by swiping the cursor to far right of the screen. From here, you can change settings, enable or disable Wi-Fi, change resolution and work with various functions.

Multiple desktop visibility
Finally, developers at Microsoft strides to catch up with Linux and Mac with multiple desktop visible! It allows users to organise windows and other programs within several workspaces. Click on the Task View icon towards the right of Cortana search box (at bottom of the screen) launching the feature. All the open windows would appear over screen that you can organise into multiple desktops.

Say goodbye to “Internet Explorer” & welcome “Microsoft Edge”
Microsoft Edge features an entirely new interface and a reorganised engine in Windows 10. Developers claim that it’s faster than Google Chrome with enhanced performance and user experience. Cortana is incorporated with Web annotations; cool new feature that lets you doodle images and notes directly over a webpage. Each time you visit a specific page, Cortana would ask if you wish to view custom modified version or default. Browser extensions with additional aspects are expected in future update. Meanwhile, to access older websites that don’t work with Edge, you can still view them over Internet Explorer also available in Windows 10.

Windows Hello
If Microsoft wants to “kill the password”, Windows Hello make sure it happens. On latest devices with Intel RealSense camera, you can login automatically with face recognition whereas finger authentication is available for laptop. In-case you lack the new hardware, logging in won’t be difficult at all; simply configure the PIN or image password as usual and that’s it!

OneDrive & Accounts are incorporated
Windows 7 users would be surprised looking at this if you haven’t used “8” version. Windows 10 supports sign-in to Microsoft account feature just as over Android or Apple’s iOS device. From here, you can access to various features including Office 365 cloud services.

Regular automatic updates
Remember that Windows Update on this new version is automatically enabled that you can’t turn-off. Frequent software updates are downloaded and synchronised without any interference between “very important” tasks.

Windows is becoming more and more like Google Chrome with automatic updates running in the background. Company is dedicated to cater latest features regularly that are essential to keep OS running smoothly. To unlock full and advance features, its best to go for paid version rather than free accessibility.

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