Windows 8.1 Review, Is it worth the change?

I have recently purchased a laptop that had Windows 8 pre installed on it. The laptop itself has a touch screen, which I find extremely useful. About a week ago my laptop decided to say HEY! Windows 8.1 is ready for you to download and check out for free! So at that point I said, Hey yeah lets try this new Windows 8.1. My internet connection is not very good, so when I seen a download size of 3.62 gigs, I figured I better find a different place to download such a huge update. It ended up being that I had to stay home and update it so I did. After about 26 hours of straight downloading and installing the files, I was officially equipped with Windows 8.1. Now that I actually have it and see that I actually enjoy the upgrade, I will definatly download it on my Samsung ATIV Smart PC that I purchased on about a year ago!

The changes!

Windows 8.1 allows you to boot directly to the desktop screen rather than the fancy splash start menu they have going on. This to me is very handy due to the fact that everything I need is on my desktop, and I seldom go into the start menu.

Another difference is a revamp of the “Store”, which this time around is slightly less cluttered. Bing search engine has also been added into the search feature of the PC. Instead of searching your hard drive for things, you can search the web with Bing right there on the spot. Another feature that has changed is the way the apps are moved around in the start menu. You have the ability to organize them a little better, and in my opinion the start menu looks a little more clean. The apps are also much more colorful, which is the first thing I noticed after my PC finished updating.

In conclusion, the update to Windows 8.1 was a pretty long update, only due to the connection speed I have at my home, which at 3.62gigs, thats quite a file! But I like the new update. It seems a little cleaner, and user friendly. Well worth the time that I spent to download it, of course it would be much quicker for most! If you don’t have the time to wait for the download, there is always or to purchase Windows 8.1.