Windows 8 Tricks and Tips

Do tired from slow speed of your PC and can’t enjoy high definition 3D video games on your Windows XP or Windows 7, than might be you are waiting for the release date of Windows 8 because this time Microsoft make a big promise that they are going to launch a revolutionary operating system that will change the concept of computing and gaming. Before going to discuss windows 8 tricks and cheats let’s make an overview on windows 8 basic requirements.

Windows 8 System Requirements:

Motherboard: Must be 6 Core Asus or Intel 950 chipset

VGA: Minimum 1GB
Processor: Genuine Intel Core 2 D or Quad

RAM: Not less than 3GB with 4MB cache supported

Driver: Super or Blu Ray
Hard drive: Minimum required 160GB

Now lets disuses some cool and stunning features of Windows 8 that you may never know before.

1: Unlike previous versions of Windows OS, in Windows 8 you can now change items location on your taskbar without any third party utility.

2: You can enjoy a mini version of Windows 8 for Android with same license.

3: You need a genuine copy of Windows 8 to install on your PC if you want to enjoy all features of this stunning OS.

4: You cannot activate Windows 8 license key through any key gen utility or pirated copy.

5: You do not need any third party antivirus o firewall utility to block hacking attempts or viruses in Windows 8, your system will directly update all virus information and update your system security features from Microsoft data center.

6: Students can download Windows 8 directly from Microsoft official website at cheap rates.

7: You can customize your Desktop with built in tools in more than 100 styles.

8: Registered users of Windows 8 will get a 24/7 support.

9: You can download free Windows 8 apps and gaming consoles from Microsoft database.

10: You can lock your Windows by using a thumb expression, eye arena or through voice recognition artificial intelligence built in system.

These are the few unofficial tips and features that are circulating on various blogs, after a final release of Windows 8 I will update this post with some real tips and tricks, you can bookmark this page for a future visit.