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Windows OS Troubleshooting: Online Laptop Support For 0x80070002 Error

Updating the Windows is not a difficult task, only if the process flows smooth. But while upgrading Windows, you might confront error messages, and then they may raise some difficult situations. Troubleshooting Windows errors is not that simple, especially for an average user. If you have received the 0x80070002 error while trying to update your Windows, then you can avail online laptop support to avoid causing any further difficulty to your laptop. The article puts light on what is 0x80070002 error and how online/remote laptop technical support helps to resolve the same.

If the error occurs, then the Windows updating process will get stuck in the middle. You may confront such situations because the error will block the files transmit. The error won’t allow the Windows updating process to get completed. 0x80070002 error is exclusively a Windows initialization error because it occurs only during the Windows updating process. When you attempt to update your Windows OS, you need a certain set of files that get downloaded in a zipped folder. Next, you require extracting the files to initiate the initialization process. If these files don’t get properly transmitted during the installation process, then your device will receive the 0x80070002 error.

How to Fix the 0x80070002 Error?

If you are not a tech savvy individual and find difficulty in troubleshooting errors, then you can avail online laptop support services to resolve them. Search for a good online or remote computer tech support firm and then dial to it for seeking the troubleshooting help for your error. These online laptop technical support firms usually operate round the clock. Thus, you can dial them even during odd hours and get the support to fix the error. The support firms’ offers tech help through remote connection, and thus you can get your problem resolved right from the comfort of your house.

However, considering the data security and privacy breaching average users may remain a bit doubtful regarding online laptop technical support. Remote computer tech support is safe if you are taking the services from a reputed and reliable firm. For added security, you can read below and learn about the error fixing procedure. If you have confidence, then you can try executing the troubleshooting steps on your own. But if you can’t perform the troubleshooting, the article will offer a rough idea of the steps that the online computer help guy will perform for fixing the error. That will help you in keeping your security intact.

Tutorial for Troubleshooting the 0x80070002 Error

Following is the tutorial that explains the steps to fix 0x80070002 error. To get rid of this error, first the partially downloaded files need to be removed, and then the installation of the Windows OS is to be executed.

• Click the ‘Start’ button in from the Windows desktop

• That will bring up the ‘Windows’ menu

• Press ‘Run’ and then type the command “services.msc” in the ‘Run’ dialog box

• Finally hit Enter

• That will bring up the ‘Local Services’ window

• In this window, look for the ‘Automatic Updates’option and then right click on it

• Now, scroll down through the right click menu and press ‘Stop’

• That will stop the Automatic Updates

• Now, without closing the ‘Local Services’ window, go to the ‘Software Distribution’ folder

• Here, delete the content of the folder or simply rename the folder.

Note: It is more advisable that you just rename the folder. If you want to rename the folder, perform the following steps:

• Go to the Windows desktop

• Press ‘Start’

• Now, from the ‘Start’ menu, select ‘Run’

• In the ‘Run’ dialog box, type the ‘cmd’ command

• Now, the ‘DOS’ prompt will open

• In the DOS prompt, type the command ‘cd %windir%’

• Press Enter

• Next, the Windows Directory will open

• In the Windows directory, type ‘ren SoftwareDistribution SoftDisTemp’ command and hit Enter

• Now, the ‘Software Distribution’ folder will get renamed to ‘SoftDisTemp’

• Type ‘Exit’ and press Enter to close the ‘DOS’ window

• Now, again go back to the ‘Local Services’ window that you have left open

• Here, right click ‘Automatic Updates’ option to restart it

• Your system will start updating the Windows files once again and complete Windows OS upgrading process.

Wrap Up

The 0x80070002 error is a Windows initialization error that occurs because of improper transmission of Windows updating files. Thus, the simple way of fixing the error is to delete the partially downloaded files and then start updating the Windows files once again. However, the method is not that simple as it sounds. One needs to run many commands and perform a lot of steps to complete the Windows OS upgrading process. So, if, in any way, you are finding difficulty in managing the process, then call an online laptop support firm and get professional help.

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