Windows Update with improved Start menu comes in September

Microsoft plans to provide the promised update for Windows RT users in September. With the update get Windows RT Tablets some new features that were introduced with Windows 10.

In September 2015, there should be as much, then get Windows RT users another update. This will have some new features of Windows 10. Because Windows RT devices generally receive no Windows 10, Microsoft leads the unsuccessful Windows RT-line long term not continue.

In the updated FAQ for Windows 10 Microsoft has first released the release date for the Windows RT update. Previously it was only at the point that the update will come when Windows 10 appears, which was released in late July 2015. Therefore, had previously expected that the Windows RT update will still appear in August 2015, but nothing will come.

Changes to the start and the lock screen

Owner of Windows RT tablets will receive the update via the update component of the operating system. Still, there is little information about the new features that will bring the update. Microsoft itself currently speaks only of changes to the start and the lock screen. What changes are made to it, but is not yet known.

With regard to the start screen Windows RT is expected to take only the tablet mode of the new menu. It is not expected that the Windows RT tablets will take over directly from the Start menu of Windows 10. Whether the new Windows settings will be part of the update is not yet known.

Since the beginning of the year is known that no RT version of Windows will be released 10.

In early February 2015, the production of the final Windows RT tablets was completed, the Lumia 2520. The sealed the end of the stripped-down Windows version for tablets with ARM processor.

Windows RT has had it rough from the start

Microsoft had previously been the only remaining manufacturer of Windows RT tablets. Initially, numerous other companies such as Dell, Samsung or Asus had also made devices, now many of these manufacturers, however, are switched to tablets with full Windows 8.1.

Windows RT has had it rough from the start: Microsoft put the scaled-down version at the same time with Windows 8 before, which provides a full Windows system. Windows RT, however, is limited to the apps from the Microsoft Store, Windows Classic programs are not capable of running it.