wireless camera hunter- a battery operated device to scan hidden camera’s frequencies

Nothing is more important than having a better platform to provide extreme security to your family even yourself in this technologically advanced word where devices made with advanced technology are playing a vital role. With increasing importance of such kid of devices, a camera hunter has been produced with state-of-art technology to help you detecting all the hidden cameras around you within a certain coverage area. It is used to prevent the use of illegal cameras at various places with its fully-automatic or semi-automatic capability. In addition, all the available frequencies of hidden cameras are scanned or catch within 5-10 seconds by using these devices. This device is mostly used by business owners, TSCM Bug Sweep operators, private investigators and security personnel. A normal human being can also use this to protect his assets, family and even himself. It is a battery operated device, which is available with a powerful battery that has a long functional life. A battery can operate this device for more than 5 hours effectively.

Features and Benefits Wireless camera Hunter:-

• Wireless camera hunter is an advanced and amazing device available with a band frequency ranging from 0.9 GHz to 6GHz. It reveals the working procedure and performance of various hidden cameras by recording picture along with sound from hidden cameras.

• It is featured with an additional DVR function that allows this device to instantly record the picture and sound received by the scanner.

• A hunter available as detector provides many more additional benefits include displaying received picture, recording sound and picture and save them in an internal SD card, automatic scanning and battery operated.

• It comprises of 2.5 inch high quality TFT screen, which helps to see the results in external television. Hunter not only spots a hidden camera, but it is also useful to locate where a camera is installed actually.

• You can “set and forget” this device as they can automatically record the video while on automatic scanning more. In addition, a SD card with 4GB to 32 GB capacity to store data efficiently, is also provided within these devices.

A camera hunter is a functional device that blocks the transmission of any hidden wireless camera. This device is provided with a metal casing for constant and heavy duty usage. Apart from this, these devices are equipped with adjustable antenna that helps it to catch or scan the frequency of hidden cameras. Furthermore, choose a hunter to protect your office or home from hidden cameras. It can also be used as a portable DVR in order to record picture and sound in a best possible manner. WCH350X is an example of camera hunter, which is a perfect blend of wireless camera scanner and a portable digital video recorder.