Wizzley; Must Miss

As most of you, I go from online writing site to online writing site like a drunk looking for a bar which gives credit. This means that when you mention a site I can pretty much say, ‘been there/done that’.

I’d joined Wizzley a while back but never got around to it until the other day.

Now this is a site that wants A WHOLE HEAP OF WORK and pays by Adsense (and other such diversions).

Now a site that pays by giving you 50% of the Ad Revenue shouldn’t be asking for enormous articles full of images, ( all which have to be verified for copyright).

Further, when you do a compete.com you find that at some distant past it actually got 40k hits a month and has now dropped to 20k hits a month.

This means, for example, that where a site like Hubpages has ‘dropped’ to 4M hits a month and a site like Bubblews has climbed to 280k hits a month, it is a real waste of your time to write for Wizzley.

Considering that you make money by Ads, you can expect the writers to stuff Ebay, Amazon and the other hawkers, into every conceivable crevice, so that it’s one six screen article with twenty different ads..if not more.

So you write a thesis; perfect grammar, well put together, (or it will be bounced) of 3k words. Now you post it, and load it with free to use images. You have to do this for it to ‘pass’ moderation. And now you stuff it with Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and whatever else is available.

So you’ve spent 3 hours on this article, and will get 50% of Ad revenue.


It is bad enough a site like Wikinut demands so much work for such little pay, but Wikinut has dropped in viewership to more that twice the hits that Wizzley gets. And Bubblews gets TEN times the hits that Wizzley gets.

Further, Wikinut pays you, you don’t have to worry about clicks and ads.
Wizzley doesn’t look like a profitable site to me.

At least, not for writers.

Though the owners may be doing fine.