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Women body tattoo

Feminine tattoo

Tattoos are the arrangement of imprinting pigment in the layers of skin to leave permanent desired mark on it that will be done in a decorated way to reflect the person’s individuality and traits. Women tattoo was not so common a matter before 20 years from now. At that point of time very few women got tattoos because it used to be taken as an offence. But nowadays celebrities made it a casual affair and it is no more anything exceptional. Women tattoos are smaller in size and most of them look tender,pleasant and pure in comparison with men tattoos.

Significance of Feminine Tattoos

Every tattoo design bears a particular significance with it that conveys a specific message. Therefore it is very vital to go through the special symbolism attached to it so that we can make sure whether it fits to our personality or not. Through the hidden meaning we can approach to the brighter side of life or can acknowledge our lost self confidence. The related interpretations help us affirm an optimistic life and transform us as a better human being.

Feminine tattoos bear different meanings. It may stand for their savage beauty or may represent universal motherhood. The tattoo can symbolize fertility or it may refer protection from evil powers. Some women tattoos denote passion for love whereas some other depict independence and self-discovery. Every feminine tattoo has its own connotation that identifies the character of every woman who wears the tattoo.

Women Tattoo Designs

Women tattoo design

Women tattoos as described before are natural and beautiful in nature but smaller in size.They look pretty and summarize the femininity as a whole through their design.Women tattoos do not generally cover the whole body but need some limited parts to get inked like wrist,neck,feet,hip,lower back, upper arm,calves etc.Small tattoos are more in fashion and have become more trendy in modern times having magical qualities.Some of them are:

  • Asian or Egyptian Tattoos

Asian or Egyptian themes presenting the message of love,intelligence,courage,beauty and anger can come up with black,grey and other colors in small designed tattoos.

  • Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos can be done with any pattern as different flowers signify different emotions.In stead of a single flower one may portray a bunch of flowers that suits her personality in a cool manner on back,ankle,shoulder or feet.

  • Female Symbol Tattoos

If someone wants to show her strong belief in feminism it is the ideal tattoo design to serve the purpose.Again it is a nice tattoo design that symbolizes the planet Venus.

  • Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly designs are the commonest designs among women who can put them on shoulder, wrist, ankle. It can be combined with a wide range of colors.

  • Dragonfly Tattoos

Dragonfly is an alternative option for butterfly designs.It is a symbol of freedom and action.Being a wonderful design it is simple and small and makes use of bold colors.

  • Fairy Tattoos

A symbol of youth and beauty fairy tattoo reflects cuteness and it is best suited for women who are sweet and jovial in nature.

  • Star Tattoos

Star tattoos attract women by their glamorous appearance and thought to be empowered with heavenly attributes. Some women ink them for bringing good luck and others want them for both luck and their fascinating and spell-binding charm.

  • Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos can be made in both small and large sizes. They are favored for their angelic power and symbolic meanings. There are huge number of angel tattoo designs and women can opt for any one of them according to the most suitable one from the perspective of character reflection and symbolical significance.

  • Heart Tattoos

Heart is the source of feelings and represents love and signifies soul. With names of their lovers printed in it women can choose small heart tattoos on wrist, waist or arms.

  • Tribal Tattoos

Tribal ideas are popular among girls and come alive with their significance and religious importance.

Before going to an expert tattoo artist one ought to check all those factors that help one to ink the desired feminine tattoo on her body to symbolize the personal traits of womanhood as a whole. The designs are vast in number and ideas are numerous. Hence one has always the liberty to choose the best one for herself.

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