Women's Golf Clothing: Women's Golf Skort



There is a vast amount of seasonal clothing available for women golfers. Unfortunately, many Golf Club professional shops cater mainly for men’s golf clothing, only providing basics for women. Gloves and socks and some polo shirts are easily available but hardly any major items, like trousers, shorts, skorts or sweaters. So women golfers have to look elsewhere.

Golf websites or clothing websites are ideal for browsing the huge choices available for women golfers, whatever their size, shape or personal preferences.

All golfers will know that comfort and the ability to swing a club are vital to the clothing they wear so the quality and accurate sizing of the product are important.

Golf clothing is seasonal in the UK, with temperatures ranging from 0 C in winter to 25C in summer with lots of variations in between so manufacturers need to consider different materials and styles.

After wearing lots of layers in winter, from thermals to polo neck sweaters to gilets and thick woollen trousers to a layer of waterproofs to keep out both the wind and the rain, it is a joy to discard the layers in summer and wear more fashionable golf clothing.

Recently, a very popular item has been the golf skort, neither a skirt nor shorts but a clever combination of the two.

It combines a pair of shorts and a short skirt and looks like a mini-skirt. The skort is a modest and very feminine garment and is ideal for breezy weather. They are easy to wear and they are very popular with women golfers in the warmer weather.

The amount of choice available is large. You can choose all kinds of colours and match a polo shirt with it. From plain pastel pinks, pale greens, blues to more vibrant reds, darker burgundy, navy [a very popular colour for many golf club teams] and black.

As well as plain colours, there are stripes and spots, again in all styles and colours.

You can choose from plain styles to pleated ones, which, again, are very popular.

Waistbands usually incorporate a zip fastening and button but elasticated waists are available for ease of wear.

Whatever your preference for style and colour there will be a skort for you. With the thought of the warm summer months ahead of us and the desire to wear something highly practical and also fashionable for your game of golf, then consider a skort as a priority for your golf wardrobe. You will feel good wearing it.