Wooden Dog Crate End Tables: Luxury End Table Dog Crates

Quality, Luxury Wood Dog Crate End Tables

Are you interested in a dog crate that looks & acts like furniture — specifically a dog crate end table made from wood? If so, you have come to just the right showcase of ‘wooden end table dog crates’, where all units have been carefully chosen based on their overall luxury look, practicality and rating — hence any of the end tables you choose from here, have a guaranteed quality & value for money aspect.

Pet Crate End Table (produced with Rubber-Wood)

Available in medium (29.7′ x 21′ x 24.2′), for pets up to 45 lbs and large (39.6′ x 26′ x 27.31′), up to 80 lbs and three colors (espresso, chestnut, mahogany). This pet crate table is constructed with durable hardwood, that forms an appearance quite like ‘Teak’. As you can see, the crate has been carefully stained to make it like top quality furniture i.e mortise & tenon.

The door works on a swing hinge, so it is able to swing right in and out of the cage, so it can be kept out the way. Moreover, the dog crate has a ‘360 degree’ vented system to offer your dog full air circulation. Also, because the crate has been integrated with an waterproof MDF floor, it is incredibly easy to clean given that it prevents absorbing liquids & odors — keeping it smelling fresh for both your pet’s benefit and your home. You can put in your bedroom, as like a decorative nightstand, to always keep your dog close.

Rating: 92% (sourced amazon.com)

Merry Dog Cage Doubles as an End Table

This is quality wood dog crate end table that comes at a very affordable price of around the $150 mark & is by far one of the most popular units sold — it is available in three sizes: small, medium and large, so it can suit any sized dog.

As you can see from the image on the left, the table has four panels to cover the crate and then four pillars giving it a table like furniture feel. Moreover, its solid top allows coffee mugs, books, ornaments etc. to be stored, with absolutely no worry to the pet inside — so it is completely practical as an end table & dog crate. It is integrated with plastic trays that can easily be removed to give it a quick wipe down — so keeping your dog’s sleeping area is a breeze. A stylish and functional dog crate end table, which is certainly worth checking out.

Rating: 80% (sourced amazon.com)

‘Chew proof’ Wooden Dog Crate Table

This really is a quality piece of furniture, perfectly combining style and practicality. This dog crate end table is integrated with unique ‘chew proof’ wire lined throughout table.

As you can see it has a beautiful wooden exterior (whether it be espresso, oak or walnut) & then as you can see a black wire lattice at 2 inch throughout its interior. The table really stands out a great piece to have featured in any living space, be it your bed room, dining room or living room.

It is available in two sizes — medium, measures: 23 inch x 29 inch x 24 inch as well as large, measures 25 inch x 34 inch x 24 inch. It is incredibly easy to put together and well packaged. This table is easily my favorite in terms of luxury dog crate table finish as well as practicality.

Rating: 80% (sourced amazon.com)

Wooden End Table Dog Crate (large oak)

Another great option for those who have a larger dog and are after a solid traditional looking Amish wooden end table. It’s constructed from high quality oak wood, hence is incredibly sturdy & durable, and as you can see it oozes a luxury finish with mortise and tenon.

With a choice of 8 different stain colors (and even more, if you have asked for a custom color), you are bound to find the perfect dog crate table that will compliment perfectly with the rest of the furniture in your household. It’s quite expensive, but it is clear to see that the craftsmanship that goes into making this table is truly exceptional. Note: the added mattresses doesn’t come with the dog crate end tables, but I do highly recommend the following (which fits perfectly into all the above) midwest maxx bed.

Rating: 100% (sourced amazon.com)

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