Wooden Floor Lamps

A part of the appeal of wooden floor lamps is that stylish wooden floor lamps can give your rooms anything from a classy look and feel to a warm and cozy corner effect. These aren’t all your grandma’s lamps either. Well, actually some of them are but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing because a nice wooden floor lamp might be just what grandma wants for her birthday or for Christmas. Wooden floor lamps have come a long way since grandma’s lamps. Not that there’s anything wrong with grandma’s lamps. Sorry grandma. But today you can find wooden floor lamps with more swag than those from grandma’s’ day. A square column would be an example of a more modern take on a floor lamp.


One of the interesting characteristics of wooden floor lamps is that they’re versatile enough to fit into a wide range of decors. But there are several things about them that make them a good choice for lighting. For example, you can move floor lamps from one spot within a room to another spot in the same room or another room.

Decor and Function

Woodworkers can also create a wide range of designs from the simplest to the most luxurious. In addition, they can be made from various types of wood each with it’s own unique character. But these lamps aren’t just another pretty face; they can be very functional by adding decor and light to a dark space. Wooden floor lamps also come in a wide range of prices that will fit almost any budget.

Wood You

Another thing that adds to the popularity of wooden floor lamps is that they came be made from most any kind of wood. This gives designers the option to stretch the limits of their imaginations and talents. Having so many wood choices also gives you a wide range of looks to choose from. You can find wooden floor lamps to fit almost any decorating scheme.

Over Here

Let’s try it over there. No! Wait, how about over there! Finding the right spot for a floor lamp can be a tricky proposition but at least it’s not a sofa. Floor lamps are versatile but they usually fit well in the corners of a room. Due to the variety of shapes and sizes, you can find a lamp for most any room. Once you have your lamp, finding the right spot for it is as simple as having a spot that needs more light. This could be near an office desk or a chair that you use as a place to read. If you have a room like a basement that doesn’t have any outside lighting, a wooden floor lamp could be the perfect solution to the problem.

Wood Samples

John-Richard Collection

As with most furniture, there are some premier wood lamp designers. For example, the John-Richard Furniture Company of Greenwood, Mississippi produces carved wooden floor lamps as a part of its John-Richard Collection. The staff at John Richard is well known for traveling the world for design inspiration. Their designs take on the cultural flavor of the people or place that inspired the design. You can find carved floor lamps from John-Richard in stores that carry designer wares. Which brings up an interesting point. You can always shop stores to find a floor lamp but some of the best finds might not be in a mainline store.

Hidden Treasure

You might find the perfect floor lamp in an antique shop or at a yard sale. You know the old saying, “One mans junk is another mans treasure.” When you find your lamp at an antique shop or yard sale, you may need to do some minor repairs like rewiring, changing the lampshade, and/or stripping and staining the lamp. Even after making simple repairs like those you could still save a lot of money and have the wooden floor lamp of your dreams.

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