Wooden Venetian Blinds – Natural Warmth and Elegance

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Windows are said to be the eyes of a room – they allow you to see out and let light in. Before embarking on window dressing assess the style shape and number of windows in the room. When planning your window dressings, you should consider the style of the whole room and the rest of the decoration. Overly decorative window treatments will look out of place in a minimalist style room for example. The slats on wooden venetian blinds can be opened and closed depending on whether you want to allow light in or block it out. You can complement contemporary rooms by streaming light in through half open slats.

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Clever Decoration – Window blinds can be used not only to screen windows but also are popular as retractable room dividers. If you find it is aesthetically unbalancing the softness of your room; decorative voiles can be hung from the window to soften the angular lines of a Venetian blind. With a little décor savvy there is a plethora of things your wooden Venetian blind can do for you and your home.

Materials – There are many materials to choose from when ordering Venetian blinds including wood, metallic finishes and vivid plain colours. Today you can also have Venetian blinds made from bamboo, but be careful you don’t live too close to any pandas if you choose this option! If you want to paint the slats yourself to match the colours of a particular room, it is advisable to seek the advice of a professional first to ensure you take the necessary steps for success.

Measuring and Fitting – Some windows are recessed. This recess is often called the ‘reveal’, which means that they are set back into the wall and have a sill or a ledge. With this type of window it is usual to fit a blind within the reveal, which makes accurate measuring crucial. Other window frames are fitted flush with the wall, meaning that blinds are fitted onto the frame or on the surrounding wall.

Warmth – Wooden Venetian blinds not only keep the heat from escaping through your window, they also help to add warmth to a room through the very fact that they are made from wood. They look great in the sitting room with a warm fire in the hearth echoing the warmth of the wood in the blinds. Many interior décor magazines feature them for this very reason and a cold looking room can be made instantly cosier with the wooden Venetian blind.

Versatility – Wooden Venetian blinds are versatile enough to be used throughout the house although you may want to think twice about putting them in the bathroom as the wet environment is not suitable for the wood. It may be possible to get the wood treated with a water-proofing protective varnish. Most people however opt for a more suitable window treatment such as a blind made from water resistant fabric. Make sure that you clean your blinds regularly to keep the dust from settling in.

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Wooden Venetian Blinds – Natural Warmth and Elegance, Seekyt
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