WordPress Plugins That Help in Your SEO Efforts


WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used content management system. About 53% of WordPress powered sites rank high in the search engine. Every website owner has the goal of making their WordPress site rank high on search and their SEO efforts are made easier with the help of different WordPress plugins. Here are some of the powerful WordPress plugins that can help improve your WordPress site rank high for SEO.

All in One SEO Pack

This is one of the most popular WordPress plugin for search engine optimization. It provides Google Analytics supports, tunes up your page navigational links, automatically optimizes your post titles for SEO and generates meta tags for your posts automatically. It is the only plugin that integrates SEO for e-commerce sites. The plugin has features that are out of the box and its users does not have to exert more SEO efforts as it does all the work for them.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin provides you a snippet preview on how your post will look like in the search engine. It will provide you metrics on whether you are using long or short title or whether your meta description is optimized for search result. It also runs a page analysis to identify whether you are using alt tags relevant to the target keywords used on your post. It has an XML sitemaps that automatically informs Bing and Google on its presence. It also optimizes RSS by adding links that point back Google to search for the original article from your site instead of counting the scrapers of your post. It also comes with social media integration which optimizes your social media SEO.

Simple URLs

This plugin allows you to monitor and control your outbound links. This is very useful when you use a WordPress site in promoting your affiliate products. The plugin can help you track down the conversion rate on the affiliate links coming from your WordPress site and knowing the number of clicks made from those affiliate links.


This WordPress plugin contributes to your SEO efforts when you are targeting to direct your marketing campaign on the social media platforms. It has social media buttons that allow your website visitors to like or share your posts directly to their social media account. You can also analyze your social media visitors’ behavior using its social media analytics features, allowing you to learn how to engage them better on your WordPress site.

SEO Friendly Images

Using images on your WordPress site boosts your rank in the search engine because images are also indexed by the different search engines by their title tags and alt texts. Using this plugin allows you to use images and optimize their being indexed for search. Google may penalize you for using images without using alt or title tags and this plugin ensures that does not happen.

Benefits of using plugins for SEO in WordPress

While there is no sure way in perfecting your search engine optimization strategy, using the WordPress plugins that are designed to help in your SEO efforts will help improve your chance of ranking high in search. The plugins are designed to guide you in doing your SEO strategy right which is highly beneficial to an SEO newbie. The best part is that some of the best and powerful SEO plugins for WordPress are free.