News Work At Home Job Burn Out Symptoms And Causes

Work At Home Job Burn Out Symptoms And Causes


Working from home, either as your own boss or as an employee of somebody else, is often a radical change that can affect how you relate to your work. If you find yourself unhappy, stressed or suddenly your job doesn’t seem to fill you anymore, you may be suffering from work at home job burn out, which can become a serious problem if you don’t do something about it. Work at home job burn out symptoms are not always easy to spot, but if you can identify with the following statements you may be suffering from job burn out due to working from home.

Common Work At Home Job Burn Out Symptoms

  • Excess criticism, both of your job and other’s and how the company is managed
  • Irritability, often without a clear reason
  • Procastination and lack of productivity
  • Smoking or drinking more coffee than usual, or using other substances to feel better
  • Difficulty eating or sleeping
  • Frequent headaches, back-aches and stomach upsets

Frequent Causes Of Work At Home Job Burn Out

Even if you are now free from the daily commute and working from home, that doesn’t mean working from home is the perfect arrangement for everybody. While the lack of distractions can be welcome, it can also cause you to work longer hours without taking a break just because you lose track of time. Over time, that makes you feel tired and negative about your job, which can manifest with the above job burn out symptoms.

Another common reason for job burn out when working from home is the fact that most employees feel obliged to work extra and prove that they are working 200% in order to justify not working from an office. Over time this can make you feel undervalued, specially if your managers or co-workers are not fully supportive of you working from home and joke around how you must spend most of your day on your pijamas watching TV. This can lead to a need to work even longer and more intensively in a vicious circle that results in job burn out. For self employed people, the role of unsupporting colleague is often taken by family or friends who don’t understand working from home as a real job.

Working remotely also affects how you communicate with your co-workers, and can lead to you becoming overly critical and misunderstandings affecting your individual and team performance. This can in turn lead to feeling under-valued, specially if managers are partial to those employees still in the office. The stress generated, and the lack of office colleagues to talk about it can lead to work from home burn out on what used to be a happy employee.

People who work from home can also feel overlooked for promotions, as the managers often look first to those they have close daily contact with and working from home can damage that relationship unless you make an extra effort to stay part of the time and office life. You may want to work from home only some days, or use videoconferencing regularly to enhance communication and your engagement with other members of your team.

Work At Home Job Burn Out Symptoms And Causes
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