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Many a time, when we surf the web each day, it is not uncommon to come across Fiverr banner ads flying around websites and blogs. The site creates a venue for freelancers to market their services freely to the world freely. The services you find on Fiverr range from writing, logo and web design, professional advice, business planing and financial services,advertising to lifestyle. These services go for a whooping $5 on Fiverr. The best thing about this site is that you can create as many services as you like. Just imagine the possibilities here if you get at least 10 orders on just a single service that you offer.

Fiverr-like sites have grown immensely on the web. They are numerous and offer a lot of services like those offered on Fiverr and even more. Services on these sites sell from $4 to $1000. The thing to note is that some of these sites do not get as much traffic as others so here is a list of some of those which do get a great amount of traffic and you can make a lot of money on theses sites too. I myself have been using these sites for a while now and i found out that they work and they also pay too.


This site is U.K.based though and comes in various sections where you can sell your services from 5GBP, 10GBP, 20GBP to 50GBP and get paid via Paypal. There is no minimum balance needed for withrawal of funds on this site.


On this site, you sell freelance services from $5 to as much $100, get paid via Paypal and no minimum balance needed for you to make a withrawal on your earnings.

Write Swap.com

This is called the content marketplace. Here, the services sold are just on content, ranging from web content, blog writing, press releases, ghostwriting, fiction writing, academic writing to even editing and Proofreading. Services sell from $5 to $50. You get paid via Paypal and there are also no withdrawal limits here.


On this microgig site, services sell for just $4 only. You get paid via Paypal too.


On this site, you sell gigs for $50 on anything. Get paid via Paypal.


This site is just like an extension of Fiftytown, here, services go for $20 and you get paid via Paypal.

Fiver UK.com

This is a site like Fiverr and it is located in the Uk so gigs here sell for 5GBP. You get paid via Paypal also.


On this site, you can get gigs from $5 to $10.


On this microgig site, services sell from $3 to $99.


Here services are called twigs and they sell for $10.


This site is said to be the best Fiverr alternative and gigs here sell from $5 to $10,000.


On this site, you get to sell your services in 3 sections; $27, $47 and $77.


Here is where you are offered free advertising for your gigs on other sites for more traffic and money.


This is another Fiverr-like site from the UK and you sell your freelancing services for cash.


Here, you sell your services locally to people in your locality or close to your geographical location for cash and get paid.


On this microgig site, you sell gigs for $100 on anything you wish to sell.


This site offers you the opportunity to sell your gigs for $5, $10, $15, $25.

ClickFive UK

Freelance gigs going for 5GBP, 10GBP, and 20GBP.


This is the site for freelance outsourcing.


This is the worlds largest experienced marketplace.

These sites offer you the opportunity as a freelancer to sell your services on anything you want and get paid. Make use of advertising sources like classified ads sites, social media and other forms to get your gig out for more traffic and sales too.

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