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Working Au Pair in America

Working as an au pair or caretaker of children in the United States can be a rewarding experience for young people who want to practice and improve their English.

For this job you need a family sponsor the nanny through an agency authorized by the State Department. The young stranger enter and work in the United States covered by an exchange visa known as J-1.

Requirements families to sponsor a foreign au pair

Be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.

In the family home should speak English.

American children to care for the caregiver abroad must be older than three months and less than 18 years.

Families are the most expenses, usually including round trip by plane and medical insurance for the duration of stay in the United States nanny.

Requisitos para trabajar como au pair en Estados Unidos”>> Requirements to work as an au pair in the United States

Be between 18 and 26 years of age. Although the vast majority of young people seeking work as caregivers are women, men can also apply.

Having good knowledge of English Spoken.

Having completed undergraduate studies (high school) or equivalent.

No criminal record. Before granting the visa will require documentation verifying that you have not committed any crime. If you have been convicted, the visa will be denied.

Provide photos of his life and at least three references that are not relatives.

Fill in the appropriate application, pay the appropriate fees. The amount varies and is set by the corporate partner of the American agency authorized to carry out the au pair program. It is generally less than $ 1,000 and includes the fee for applying, the sponsoring family to find and interview. Sometimes, depending on the country, you may have to pay a premium for the trip.

Pass a personal interview and a psychological test and a physical.

Write a letter to a potential sponsor family.

If you are caring for children under two years, will have to prove that it has at least 200 hours of experience caring for babies.

Agree in writing to work for twelve months.

In addition, the family may be required to sponsor license.

No smoking.

Attend English classes and a monthly meeting of au pairs.

Work Conditions

The caregiver will have own bedroom and will be provided with three meals a day.

You will be given weekly to use and enjoy the amount of $ 195.75.

Families bear the expenditure of up to $ 500 for the au pair to attend English classes (at least six credits at a university or community college).

The working day shall not exceed 10 hours a day or 45 hours a week.

The contract will be for twelve months and will be paid to the caregiver two week vacation.

Official agencies in the program intermediary Au Pair

It is then necessary to note that a person can only be through a nanny agency determined if it has a sister company in the country of residence of the au pair.

Agent Au Pair

American Cultural Exchange

American Institute for Foreign Study

List of authorized agencies


This program is similar but different from aupair. The American families used to hire foreign nannies to care for their children before or after school. In these cases the au pair can not work more than 30 hours a week and may receive up to $ 1,000 to fund their education.

In these cases the receive compensation is lower, being fixed at $ 146.81.

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