World Teaching Jobs: Teach EFL in Korea


There are many teaching jobs available all across the world, to people who are qualified in the area they want to teach in. Teachers who are trained in a specific discipline are not restricted to teaching in their country alone. A lot of teachers move overseas in order to teach every year. These teachers find the experience rewarding for several reasons.


Teaching jobs that allow you to teach overseas generally expose you to a new culture. Some teaching jobs overseas offer a better rate of pay than teaching jobs at home, although they sometimes provide fewer benefits, such as life or health insurance. Spain in particular, has been identified as one country where teachers are not taken care of with respect to social benefits. This is done so that the employers can maximize their profits.


Teaching jobs that allow qualified individuals to teach abroad also don’t provide a pension, which will take care of your financial needs in old age. All these things should be carefully considered before you agree to accept a job teaching abroad.


Persons who teach English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) will generally find that there are many job opportunities available to them in countries where English is not spoken as the first language.

ESL teachers and EFL teachers are often required to be persons who have a first degree, as well as additional qualifications, such as those certifying that the teacher is trained in TEFL.


Teachers who are trained in TEFL have more training in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), but this is not a necessary requirement for most ESL or EFL jobs. There are online TEFL courses available that are reasonably priced, and will teach you what you need to know about teaching English as a foreign language.


Koreais one of the popular places to teach to ESL. In order to teach English in Korea, they require the advance training in TEFL or a first degree. By all means, to teach English in Korea, the teacher must be a native speaker of English.

Employers in Korea also require that teachers be cleared by the police. A clean police record is essential if teachers are going away to be employed as professors of English in Korean state schools. Some employers of TEFL teachers in Korea promise airfare frees and comfortable, well-equipped accommodations.


Nevertheless, all the companies do not live up to their promises, so as much as possible discover all you can about the company that you are interested in working with before you make any commitment to teach to English in Korea with a company that promises good benefits.


You can verify facts at one of many of the TEFL blogs of teachers working in Korea which are accessible online. These blogs are based generally on the personal experience of the citizens of many diverse countries, who are educating citizens in Seoul or other parts of Korea.