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World’s Top 5 Amazed Places To Visit



Jammu and Kashmir is one of the northern most states in India. Mughal emperor Jahangir once said that if paradise lies on earth then it is in Jammu and Kashmir. The most important and beautiful places to visit in Kashmir are Gulmarg, The Mughal Gardens, Pahalgam, Ladakh and Jammu.

Why to choose Kashmir as the world’s wonderful place to visit?

  • People can enjoy here the shikara rides in Dal Lake. The ride is very lovely.
  • The Jawaharlal Nehru botanical garden is the lovable place to hangout.
  • Indira Gandhi tulip garden which has the variety of tulip flowers are spread over in the huge area that increase the beauty of the land here.
  • The environment of Kashmir is very suitable for the tourists.
  • The climate here whole year is cool and best time to visit here is summer.


It is located in the southern part of England. The Cotswold Hills here increase the beauty of this place. Cotswold house hotels are one of the luxurious hotels that are located in chipping campden well known for its pretty in England. The most luxurious suite known as langborough suite in hotel has the four poster bed, garden, outdoor and also the hot tub. It is also one of the best places to stay alone. The night of this place is also very beautiful with the dinner at restaurants. Sun beside the fire increase the fun of the night. The best time to visit here is autumn when the weather is normally mild. At this time the golden, red and also yellow leaves come into the trees that are most eye catching sight.


Patagonia is one of the little regions located in Chile. The forests, islands and ice fields increase the beauty of this place. It is in the southern part of Chile divided by two halves one is known as northern Patagonia and the other is known as southern Patagonia. In this place there are stunning glaciers, virgin forests and twinkling ice fields that takes the beauty of this place on top. In the eastern part of this place there is a desert that comes under the five largest deserts in the world. There is also a hot spring where tourists can enjoy the Jacuzzi.


Morzine is one of the communes in the eastern part of the France. It lies in the heart of the Portes du Soleil. This place is one of the perfect places to see the wonders of nature.

Why Morzine one of the most wonderful place to visit?

  • In this place there are green pine trees with the powered snow.
  • The air here is very fresh even your lungs will used to this so that you can never leave this place.
  • There are a lot of outdoor activities happening every time to keep you busy like calving, mountain biking and golfing etc.


Kauai is one of the oldest Hawaii islands. It is also one of the fourth largest islands in Hawaii. It is the place of Garden Island. The most part of the island is covered by the cascaded waterfalls, thick forests and the beautiful rivers. It has about 43 white sand beaches having more than one beach per mile increases the beauty of this place.

World’s Top 5 Amazed Places To Visit
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