Worse Than Joining a Rip Off; Recommending A Rip Off

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Many sites are not what they seem The longer that we are fooled, the stronger the site becomes until we can’t stop the onslaught. Especially when it was our recommendation which opened the flood gate.

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I recall a particular young woman who went around apologising to everyone she had lured to Factoidz; this was after she experienced the fate she thought only reserved for others.

I have been following her footsteps, but not in relation to a major site as Factoidz (Now Knoji) but in reference to a small, almost unheard of site called Wikinut.

Where the stories about Factoidz are dramatic, those about Wikinut are not. In fact, they are shamefully told. Told with the realisation that it took so long for one to appreciate that they haven’t been paid.

If one is not accustomed to being paid on a particular schedule, then there is no ‘deadline’. If one is paid erratically, then missing/not missing a pay cheque is not as noticeable.

As Wikinut made it clear that one would not be paid until a certain amount of revenue was reached and would be paid a month ‘aback’ ,many if not all members were not particularly disturbed when they received nothing.

Considering that Wikinut pays in English Pounds, the exchange rate automatically lends a certain mystique, and unless one is alert they will not realise that they have been seriously ripped off. I mean seriously.Worse Than Joining a Rip Off; Recommending A Rip Off, Seekyt

As a site that pays, and not through Adsense, there is no ‘analytic’ so one does not know how many hits one really received, nor is it mentioned on the site the what number of hits equals 1c. It appears a writer is paid if/when the Owner desires and paid what the Owner thinks one should get. There is no rhyme or reason. Users have mentioned that they have gotten more for less hits; i.e. 865 hits = 45 pence, 799 hits = 51 pence.

No where on the site is there revealed any form of accounting method, hence one takes what one gets, and one gets very little.

Although there are reports of people being unable to delete their articles, others describe a 2 week procedure they had to follow which allowed deletion. Hence the question of copyright; lost or held is not certain.

The Moderators are contactable, the Owner is not. Emails sent to him for a response have not been answered.

The lesson to be learned is to ask yourself very hard questions before you recommend a site to anyone.

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Worse Than Joining a Rip Off; Recommending A Rip Off, Seekyt
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