Wrestling At the SEA Games XXVI 2011

Wednesday, November 16 2011, Indonesia add two more gold than wrestling. Mohammed Iqbal successfully reached 50 kg of gold from the class of men, while Rida Wahdaniyaty contributed one gold from the freestyle 63kg class.

Compete at the Multipurpose Building Dekranasda, Kilkenny, Wednesday, November 16, 2011, Iqbal collected the highest points in this class with 11 points. Silver fell to a wrestler from Thailand, Benmart Kritsada, with a total of 5 points. Captured a bronze medal Paulo Delos Santos of the Philippines with a total of 4 points.

Match the last day of sport wrestling gold medal failed discordant. Indonesian contingent could only add three silver from four classes competed.

Ardiansyah Darmansyah who fell in 66kg class, have not been able to overcome the resistance of the Vietnamese Anh Tuan Bin who won 10 points. Bronze is taken contingent Philippines and Myanmar.

Both won silver Fahriansyah 74kg class with 12 points, Vietnam re-panning for gold on behalf of and Can Tat Du Thaland wrestlers get bronze medals.

Rudi Armanto fulfill the acquisition of a silver sports wrestling XXVI 2011 SEA Games in Palembang. Down in the 84kg class, Rudi only able to reach a total of 11 points 3 points adrift of Methee Tepakam (Thailand) who won gold with a total of 14 points. Bronze class is retrieved Philippines

Ardiansyah Darmansyah felt less satisfied with the achievement of the silver she won. But he outclassed opponents faced this time, according to his ability Ardiansyah still under Vietnamese athletes for the class of 66 kg.

‘The ability of athletes Vietnam is still too tough. I will continue to practice and further hone the ability to be better in the future,’ said Ardiansyah after receiving the medal.

Total of 4 gold medals, 4 silver and 5 bronze wrestling sport had donated at the SEA Games XXVI 2011 Palembang. Indonesia ranks second final medal standings.

While the first order which ruled Vietnam pack 8 gold and 5 silver. Thailand entrenched in third with 3 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze.

Despite failed to win six gold targets, Secretary General of the Big Board (PB) Wrestling Association of Indonesia (PGSI), Dody Iswandi said, performance is quite satisfactory.

‘This is the progress of the SEA Games in Laos, 2009, which can only be 2 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze. That’s because Indonesia just lose 13 athletes, 17 athletes instead of as now, ‘he said.

According to him, PB PGSI will still conduct the evaluation. The goal is that Indonesia could achieve better results.

‘The quality of our wrestlers are good. We narrowly lost to athletes Vietnam and Thailand. The two countries were now no longer dominate the wrestling, ‘he concluded.