Wrist Tattoos For Girls

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Wrist Tattoos for Girls

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For last few years tattoo art has taken a special place in fashion world. But surprisingly this art had no place in the respectable society, in some few years back. Especially women have become quite crazy about tattoo art. You can do tattoo anywhere on your body parts but it has been observed that girls prefer to do it on their wrists. The very obvious reason for this is wrist is clearly visible to everyone. Both men and women love to decorate this particular place of their body with either wrist watch or jewelry, so why not a tattoo. Rather this looks more elegant. We will try to help you with some trendy wrist tattoo designs for girls.

Types of Wrist Tattoos

We have three categories of wrist tattoos. One is simple top wrist tattoo the other one is inner tattoos and the third one is fully covered.

Inner Wrist Tattoos– This is to be done in inner side of the wrist so that if needed it can be hided. But this looks quite stylish on the girls. Even if the design is extended slightly towards the inner side of the elbow it comes out well.

Top Wrist tattoos- This is to be painted on the outer side of the wrist. This also looks quite trendy but one thing has to be kept in mind that in case you want to hide it either you have to wear a full sleeve top or better do not go for this tattoo. Give it a good thought and then decide.

Fully Covered or Wrap around– This is another type of wrist tattoo that wrap s the whole wrist around like a thick bangle or bracelet. But it looks very stylish like a lucky charm tattoo.

Wrist tattoo designs for girls

Tribal Wrist Tattoos: From the name itself it is clearly understood that this tattoo has taken its place from the tribal ethnicity. Though they have their own symbolic tattoo that carries certain mystic meaning but they also have some beautiful flower tattoos. It can be reshaped to the wrist sizes.

Words: Word can also be inked as a tattoo. This can express the feeling you would not be able to express otherwise. It is a very romantic way to depict your feeling of love towards your friend by writing his or her name on your wrist. It can be inked inside or outside any way you like. But this would be a pleasant surprise for your loved one.

Star wrist tattoos: Stars would be the most unique tattoo on the wrist for girls. These are smaller in size so no need to reshape it. It can be a single star or can be full constellation. That might take the full wrist but would look great.

Floral Wrist Tattoos: The flower tattoos are always appreciated by the ladies. It goes very well with their soft and delicate nature. A flower tattoo with creeper or vines look beautiful on the wrists. It can be small flower designs or may be a big lotus, rose, and a bright colorful sunflower. The appeal of flowers is eternal. It looks gorgeous if it combines a bow or a ribbon made with it. Therefore flower tattoo designs on wrists for girls are accepted everywhere in the world.

Zodiac Tattoo signs according to your sun or moon sign is a great idea. This makes you a very stylish person. You can try a Celtic butterfly tattoo on your wrist with various colors. Both the wrists can be tattooed with either a same design or an opposite design. Choice is entirely yours.

Some suggestions for wrist tattoos are here for the ladies. Before going to the tattoo parlor not only you have to make sure for the designs but also consider an authentic tattoo artist. Do keep in mind the size of your tattoo because once it is done it can not be removed instantly. It should nicely be adjusted on your wrists. A meaningful sentence or a mere word can also act as a tattoo. This is the reason a professional tattoo artist always seems to be beneficial than an amateur one. He will guide you with proper wrist tattoo designs. Wrist is a very delicate place for a tattoo as it is quite painful to get it inked. This place is devoid of any flesh rather a bony place and less spacious. It might take longer time to heal than any other place. If you are a working woman and your workplace does not allow tattooing on an exposed place then you have to consider it hiding by wearing either a full sleeve outfit or a heavy bracelet which can cover it.

So while tattooing on your wrist keeps all its pros and cons in mind because tattoo is very nice to see but our skin is very sensitive also.

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