Write the Best Query Letter Possible

Make the most of your query letter. Query letters that are different from the other thousands that an editor receives from freelance writers will be the opportunity you need to get your work published in magazine articles. Although editors and agents receive hundreds of query letters each week from writers, you can make letter your stand out. These are some of the things that agents as well as editors look for in a query letter that make them want to see more of a writer’s work. Write the best query letter possible.

Show who you are as a writer
A personality is what makes every individual different from one another. Your sense of humor, your likes and dislikes as well as everything that makes you unique from the next person combines to make a personality.

Display what makes you and your writing tick. Whatever unique perspective you have on things, the slant you see and other things will illustrate who you are in your query letter. There are fine lines between some personality traits such as stubborn and mulish. How about dogged and determined? When writing your query letter be careful of where your personality can take you at times and err on the side of caution.

When you send a query letter it is only a synopsis of the total article you want to publish. Make certain it is showing the best side or points of your personality as a first impression. Write the best query letter possible to see your work in publication.

Be specific about your article content
When trying to get an online writing job with a magazine publisher through an editor a query letter must be specific with the content presented. This means don’t try and sound eloquent and fancy when short and sweet will generally do the trick. For an example, don’t say “this story talks about the loss of love over a 10 year period”. This tells the editor little of nothing about the details of your article. A better turn of phrase would be this story tells the details of an orphaned teenage girl without basic values and how she comes to love a man and grow the morals that were instilled in her from the beginning of her life. Tailoring your pitch toward the focus audience of the editor’s magazine is the ideal pitch to make.

Tell a story or content that is uniquely yours and let your query letter tell what makes it different from the rest of the articles an editor receives for publication. Write the best query letter possible for this particular magazine or newspaper.

Display a killer writing style
This is the first encounter an editor has with your writing. You want to exhibit your great ideas and communication skills. Make the initial encounter with your writing one of the best meetings he or she has had when you write the best query letter possible.

Every sentence should shine and every word should pop. Everything you say should be worth saying and remembering. Make your writing kill. It’s either kill or be killed when it comes to getting the query letter response that you seek.

Research your editor
Knowing a little about an editor can put a personal touch on a query letter. Queries are requests for invites to write for a magazine or publication. Adding a little personalization with an editor with your query can go a long way. Do some research into an editor and what they are about, what they are active in with their editing and other writers they have worked with.

Give a little quip about their writing to show that you have done some research and didn’t simply pull their name from a hat. This research will go a long way in writing the best query letter possible for a lot of writers. This may be what is remembered instead of the content that could possibly be similar to another writer’s query letter pitch to the same editor.

Clarity in a pitch to an editor
Have some clarity in writing a query letter. There is only so much space available and in reality a query letter should only be comprised of approximately a page. It’s tempting to go overboard and it’s difficult to delete and edit material you feel should be included. However, you will have to make the cut. Consider when writing for a publication there will only be so much space available for publishing your content as well.

Keep the pitch of your query letter to the point and as concise as possible.

This is a business letter
A query letter is about business and the letter itself is a business letter. Make your query letter professional and format it as a business letter.
Professionalism should be displayed which is essential to your credibility as a writer and will garner the attention of a professional editor.

The font and spacing should be identical to a business letter. If you are unfamiliar with this particular format take the time to research it before designing a query letter.

Grammar and spelling should be concise along with the right colors, formats and fonts. Edit the query letter more than once to assure you have the best possible layout and format. Don’t allow your query letter that is beautifully written and a wonderful article revealed only to be rejected because you didn’t include your name and address at the top of the form.
These are points that will get your query letter recognized, admired and a response or invite to write.