Writers Needed: 3 Places to Find Writing Jobs

Looking for work is one of the banes of a freelance writer’s existence. Until you get an established client base, it can be a full time job just looking for and applying for gigs. Knowing where to look is half the battle. Writing jobs can be tough to find and even if you know where to check, the competition is stiff, so make sure you keep applying. When I was starting out, I would try to apply to at least 10 jobs per day. At the time, I usually got at least one or two gigs from those applications, but competition is harder now, so it may take a few days to get a good job.

Here’s where to look for writers needed.

1. Craigslist. This popular classifieds site is actually a really good place to find writing gigs. Unfortunately, it requires you to go to each city’s page in order to find them. While several companies have tried building searches that bring it all together, Craigslist has shut them all down. Your best bet is to go to the biggest cities (Vancouver, New York, Los Angeles, etc.) and look under Writing Gigs. There are usually quite a few jobs, though not all are worth your while.

2. Online-Writing-Jobs. This website doesn’t always have the highest paying jobs, but it does have a nice variety of gigs. You’ll find work here from Craigslist, but also from a number of other websites that offer paying jobs.

3. Freelance Writing Gigs. At one point, this was THE site to go to in order to find the best paying writing gigs. Unfortunately, it changed hands and is no longer as useful. That being said, you can still find some gems from time to time here and it is well worth adding to your list of places to check.

I’ll be writing more on where to find clients for freelance writing gigs, but a very quick and easy way to see if anyone is looking for writers is to search for related phrases in Google. For example, “writers needed” or “article needed” can turn up some gigs for you.