Writing articles that pay

Likely if you’re reading this you’re hoping to start making a little money off the internet. You might even be hoping that someday you will be able to make a living on the internet. But perhaps you’re like me, while at times I don’t mind writing; let me tell you I’m not one of those people that live for hearing the sound of tapping keys. I am not a born writer, but I do like checking my AdSense and seeing those dollars pile up!

So, how do you write in a way that you actually make money? Do you need to choose those hard subjects that require a lot of research?

Write about things you like

Normally when you see articles like this the writer tells you that you need to write about subjects that have high paying clicks so that you can make money from Google Adsense. While that is one way of doing it, constantly researching articles is a drag. No amount of coffee will help me get through my daily quota of 3-4 articles if I have to research them all.

While you may do a small percentage of “research” articles to expand your ability to write in other topics, don’t get hung up on this. Choose subjects that you can freely talk about and learn how to make those subjects pay. You should be able to do most of your articles with only a little fact finding research and a little keyword research.

Making what you write pay

First, come up with your article idea. Choose a specific theme with a specific point to the article. Don’t write some general article that encompasses the whole topic. For my example I’m choosing “Writing Articles that Pay”. As the reader you no doubt want to see specific useful points not just a bunch of general information.

Next comes keyword research. Go to this page https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

You will find a columns button on the right hand side, click it and check off the “Estimated Av CPC” option and drag it to the top of the list.

Now in the “Find Keywords” box start typing in possible keywords that you will use in the article. I chose “money internet” and “make money writing” now do the search.

You will get a list of related terms and the estimated CPCs. Use this Estimated CPC as a guide. You will not make this much per click, but it stands to reason the higher this number is, the higher your clicks will be.

Well, my two terms are not so great, they get a little traffic but the payout is low. Let’s scan down the list for better ideas.

Well, “How to make money fast” is at $5.20 with 110, 000 searches. That’s a little better. While “article writing tips” would seem to be a perfect match for my article it’s at $.05 with almost no traffic. Good thing I didn’t spend the time writing my whole article based on that key phrase. “Money making ideas” is also a little better at $6.21 and good traffic (60,000).

Let’s see if we can do better. Based on what I see in the results, several of the higher paying phrases have making money ideas, easy money, and fast money in them. Let’s add those three phrases to the Find Keywords list and see what happens.

Not a lot of improvement. Looks like I need to try something else. Let’s expand our search a little more. What other things have to do with “Writing articles that pay” that would fit in my article? Well, I am trying to make money by using Google AdSense, Let’s add that to the list.

Google AdSense – a winner!

Now we’re talkin’. $14.08 and a huge amount of traffic. While I know my article isn’t going to rank well in that term (Google AdSense), that’s not important. I’m looking to attract ads to my page with higher pay outs and “Google AdSense” does fit the theme of my article. After all it is pretty hard to make money without ads. Looks like I need a paragraph in my article using this term. (And if you will notice, I now have one).

Now I’m starting to get a few high paying keywords in my article. I’m also trying to fit in some of the other somewhat higher paying keywords and phrases, attempting to make them fit naturally in my writing style. While I’m not letting these words dictate my article, I am increasing the chance of getting higher paid clicks by incorporating these terms.

Article Submission

Now it’s time to publish your srticle. In my opinion, ONLY publish an article once. Rewrite the article to publish it on other sites and do not use article spining. With a little practice you can write many versions of each article and make them completly unique and readable. Choose one site like Seekyt, Qondio or one of the article submission sites to publish your article and start on the next.

Now, don’t get me wrong and over do this. This isn’t about taking a bunch of high paying keywords and writing some lousy, unreadable article that is stuffed with these words. This is about spicing up your article with a few higher paying keywords to help increase the payout of your Google AdSense clicks or Yahoo ads or any other ad company you might use.

You will find that some topics naturally lend themselves to higher paying keywords, others you have to work at a little more. Either way, sometimes even a small change in keywords can give you those occasional high dollar clicks you’re looking for while still allowing you to write about topics you know well and can write relatively quickly. Do this will every article you write and you will start seeing a dramatic increase in you AdSense checks!