Writing Content That Makes You Money Online

To make money writing online you need to write content that makes money. Learning how to write content that makes money is not a daunting task. In fact, with the write tools in your hands you can do so with ease. A little research for a given topic on an ideal keyword or phrase can literally net you hundreds of dollars for one article. In fact, with passive income or income that earns over and over again for the same article you can earn thousands over the long run publishing one great piece of content. This particular article will focus on creating wonderful search engine optimization and keyword content for writing content that makes you money online.

You are writing for visitors as well as search engines for the perfect online content that makes money. A writer that gets a balance of both search engines and readers will have the knack it takes to write content that makes money. These are things to focus on to get the right sense of balance.

Titles are extremely crucial for all pieces of content published on the web to make money online. Titles stand out for readers and draw their attention when searching the web for the internet query or search engine information. Every writer wants a reader to click on their title from search engine results.
Titles are significant for getting into search engine results. Therefore, you want a title that gets into search engine results as well as appealing enough to readers for them to follow to your content. This is what you need in order to write content that makes money online.

Titles do not necessarily need to be witty or funny. Make certain when you have a title it contains several key factors;
• Your keywords or keyword phrase
• It is informative
• Not long and drawn out. Short and to the point is a necessity

Titles that tell a reader they have found what they are seeking are the best title possible for search engine optimization, page ranking and readers interests.

The first paragraph of content
The first paragraph of any piece of content is critical. This is the introduction into the quality and informative information being shared with a reader. Additionally, the first paragraph will contain the keyword or phrase for the articles for search engine optimization or seo.

Some writers will even bold the first keyword in an article to gain the attention of search engines. However, this is not necessary to have search engine optimization.

Article content
The article content should be useful and relevant information the reader desires. Subheadings that are bolded are wonderful for search engine bots that crawl content for seo. In addition, you can add your keyword or phrases in subheadings when necessary which can leave you free to write content you desire and not necessarily be focused on including those keywords for search engine optimization. Only use subheadings when appropriate and good for formatting content.
Include back links to other content that connects with keywords in your article where a reader can find more pertinent content. Back links can serve two purposes. They are great for giving your reader a better experience as you refer them to related content. Additionally, they are used by search engines to increase page rank and search engine optimization. Linking to a page with a higher page rank will definitely increase your own page rank. However, any link to relevant material or content is a good thing.

Don’t overdo the back links. Too much of anything is never good and this is the case with back links and search engines. Only deliver great relevant information with back links. You can link to your own content or another writer’s great content. Linking to your own content means earning more money online for you with your content.

Using keywords
When creating your content there is a guideline for search engine optimization where to include your keywords for great seo. This is where you should include your keywords or phrases for ideal seo

• The title
• The URL
• The first paragraph
• The last paragraph

Supporting keywords are used by many writers. When you check the Google Keyword Tool or similar tools there are supporting keywords to a main keyword or phrases. You can use these supporting words or phrases throughout your content to make money writing articles.

Closing paragraphs
Closing paragraphs are generally used to summarize your content and add your keyword or phrases one last time.
These are tools that can help any writer make great money writing articles or creating content to make money online.