Years Gone By

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Years gone by so many things are changed,

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our lives often through the years rearanged.

Time is a healer, also can be a revealer,

and many times like a roller coaster a thriller.

Years gone by and people come and go,

some move, some die, others you don’t know.

Life is a mystery that unfolds before us,

no one knows tomorrow, only God does!

Years gone by and we find ourselves with memories,

we all like the good, on this I think everyone agrees.

Unfortunately we have the bad memories, with us stay,

sometimes they haunt us all the time, night and day.

Years gone by, we have our families we’re thankful for,

we watch our children grow, too fast, that we can’t ignore.

Our families are our bond, our blood, ones we love,

to come together, cherish, we should never get enough.

Years gone by things happen, many beyond our contol,

all of this through life, so many ways takes its toll.

We must agree that we all like a puzzle, have our place,

everyone has a different purpose in life, different taste.

Years gone by and we find ourselves getting old,

lessons learned, experience, we’re getting bold.

Death is always in the future, we all dread,

destiny, some say they have, but we all end up dead!

Years gone by, but life is good, be happy don’t sigh,

do all you can do, live life to its fullest, don’t be shy.

Be happy, take the bad things in life..’with a grain of salt,’

the good things in life, enjoy, don’t ever let them come to a halt!!

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Years Gone By, Seekyt
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