Yes! Even You Can Have a Lucrative New Business! By Tomorrow You Can Be Earning Revenues!

Owning your own lucrative new business has been the American dream for many since the inception of the United States, but millions of people have tried and failed when it comes to becoming profitable business owners. Don’t be another statistic! Take a look at one of these top modern business opportunities and see if it would be the right fit for you and your lifestyle – keep in mind these are the most lucrative new business opportunities out there right now!

The most lucrative new business opportunity right now is owning a consignment shop. Times are tough and people want to sell some of their excess clothing, furniture, knick knacks, antiques, art, and anything else that is simply lying around collecting dust. As a consignment shop owner, you allow the consigners to retain the rights to their merchandise, but you collect a percentage of final sale. That means a 40% consignment fee on a $200 couch earns you $80 for just selling it and the consigner gets $120 – much better than donating it for a tax break!

Another great lucrative new business opportunity right now is to start up a staffing service. If you have the knowledge of what it takes to create a great set of application materials, can build relationships with employers, and know how to teach people to interview effectively, then this is the business for you. WIth unemployment hovering consistently around 9% and the average worker not finding employment for at least 6 months, people need all the help they can get. As for payment, many staffing agencies take a portion of their customer’s salary for a predetermined amount of time.

If neither of those is for you but you are a do-it-yourselfer, then a lucrative new business opportunity for you might be to start up a handyman service. Many people simply do not have the wherewithal to fix those small things that break down around the house and need someone to do those little odds and ends jobs. Some states require handyman services to be licensed, insured, and bonded, however, so check on your local licensing requirements.

If children are your passion, then you might be able to start a lucrative new business as a tutor. Schools are being forced to meet educational requirements in order to meet specified target levels of success and they are willing to outsource some of these tasks. In addition, some parents contract with tutors to help their children achieve greater successes or to catch up to their classmates because they are falling behind. Either way, at $20 an hour or more on average, it is hard to say no.

Starting a lucrative new business today can mean taking the first steps in a new direction leading to financial freedoms. The key is to start up the right business for you and your community.