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Yes for pitaya and Pattaya

When looking for a fresh start, it is the best to relocate to a place that is different from where you used to live. For most people living in a stressful environment, this means going somewhere peaceful and quiet, with nice atmosphere, pleasant people and nature like you have never seen before. And if that place is a home of some fine food, the better! Therefore, Thailand’s city of Pattaya and so-called Dragon fruit pitaya might just be the place and food for you.

Pitaya: Basics

Known under many names and nicknames – pitahaya, dragon crystal, green dragon and some more – this fruit actually comes from several cactuses and is consumed by people all around the world. It is cultivated mostly in Asia, but also in South America, Australia and some Mediterranean countries, so it has several varieties, but even more ways of incorporating it in everyday diet due to its surprising benefits.


Pitaya: Perks

Full of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and C and several minerals, pitaya is a perfect substitution for some commonly eaten products such as cheerios, tacos and chips – each piece is low in calories and much healthier than any other snack. Pitaya steadies your heart rate, decreases cholesterol level, cleans your digestive system and fills you up with antioxidants. In addition to that, this fruit has been proven to have a positive effect on diabetes, arthritis and several other aspects of your health.

Pattaya: Basics

One of the places pitaya can be found in is Pattaya, a beautiful town in Thailand, not that far from Bangkok, but still more than far enough to be completely peaceful. This beach resort is often considered to be the Paradise on Earth because it is not just mysterious and exotic, but also exclusive and suitable for all ages. Whether you are younger or older, you will find something do to in wonderful Pattaya and depending on how physically active you are, there is a variety of choices that will make you want to stay more than planned. The sights and attractions include various Buddhist temples and statues, parks, animal farms and museums, while the activities range from diving and snorkeling to hiking, mountaineering and playing golf.


Pattaya: Perks

Other than being completely relaxed and rejuvenated in this resort, there are reasons why you should consider permanently moving to Pattaya. The climate close to ideal – from 25°C to 32°C on average – and the economy suits someone who comes from Europe or the USA. The prices of property are not that high, so you can easily set up a new business here without investing too much money in the beginning. Finally, the city’s nightlife and cultural festivals that are actively present all year long are the final invitation to relocate here.

Starting Fresh

Moving to a new area for some time, disregarding for how long, can be scary and challenging. However, when you choose a place that is as welcoming as Pattaya and hosts so many natural beauties such as pitayas, you cannot go wrong nor will you ever question your choice.

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