Yoga Ball Chair Guide: Easy Office Ergonomics

woman with perfect sitting posture

Take a moment and imagine how it feels after you’ve sat in a chair for 8 hours straight. Not good. And you never see the pain coming until it’s in your face, because it doesn’t give you the courtesy of enough notice or an ‘I’m coming to visit’ letter.

If you happen to be working at an office space, inevitably you will suffer from back pain and other related issues from time to time. Sooner or later, its going to happen when you spend prolonged hours just sitting.

When you remain seated for an extended amount of time, several supportive muscles around the back will become more and more fatigued as they need to exert more work in order to keep you in an upright position. The next thing you know, you have pain all throughout the upper back region of your body as well as in the lower back or middle portion.

With its continuation, your spine’s vertebrae will start compressing (learn more about spinal compression) because of the gravity’s relentless force. If prevention is not applied, it could lead you to further injury, which would include herniated disks that will quickly form a major problem in the long haul.

Once its started, back pain is tough to get rid of. If its a mild case, a 5-10 minute break might do the trick. But if it becomes severe and starts to affect those tender muscles supporting the spine, expensive massage therapy or even medical attention might be needed.

In lieu of having to deal with this problem over and over again, experts have decided to create a new and effective solution. It’s called the yoga ball chair.

What is a Yoga Ball Chair?

gaiam posture chairThe yoga chair is among the latest and finest fitness tools that have hit the market. This kind of chair is a blessing for a lot of people and have become popular to those who sit in front of desks for numerous hours a day, which may include you for that matter.

Its conceptualization is relatively new as it combines exercise balls and chairs. Just by sitting on the spherical surface of this type of chair, the spine will automatically move its way to an ideal alignment. You will no longer have to continue focusing on sustaining an upright position since this piece of furniture will do the trick for you.

In addition to the fact that its fosters proper alignment, its comfortable seat presents several other benefits. And thus, it has become a nut and bolt of the modern office setting.


As lifestyles have shifted from one spot to another through the passage of time, now highlighting an era where we focus more on the virtual world over the real one, necessary adjustments had to be made as we put up with a new line of problems formed by this thing we call the office life. With progression off-shooting a handful of downsides along the process, ergonomics has been given more stress as a vital topic and professionals continue to delve through its deeper receptacles.

Companies and employees are now more vigilant to take preventive measures rather seriously so as to keep them in a physically healthy condition while dealing with the office life. The creation of the yoga ball chair was inspired by stability balls that have been around since 1963 by Italian manufacturers. It is a fairly new contrivance (c. 2003) designed specifically to sustain the physical strength of people who don’t really have the time to exercise but do otherwise, which is in its own way destructive.

The Many Benefits

There are four major benefits you can get from this amazing type of chair. They are as follows:

  1. great postureBack Pain Relief
    Most Americans spend around 8 hours every day sitting while reading a book, eating a meal or working. In a way, that is a sedentary life that leaves no room for exercise, leading to the formation of back pain. With the yoga ball chair, back pain can be avoided as your upper body is continuously exercising without even you noticing.
  2. Optimized Posture
    With the absence of the back rest, this type of furniture can help make you sit upright and bring your spine to the right alignment. The next thing you know, you have adapted that upright back position even when you’re standing. You’ll look much taller and hunching will be nothing but a thing from your past.
  3. Exceptional Level of Comfort
    The soft cushion is made from the finest polyurethane material. It is the secret recipe behind its ergonomic quality. It easily beats the comfort of an expensive fully padded office chair. Its comfort is the opposite of fleeting — everlasting.
  4. Core Muscle Toning
    As mentioned, the ball chair doesn’t have the back rest. With that said, you passively exert effort by the minute. Your core muscles are in a constant state of exercise and you will be able to keep a much solid, toned build.

build your core strength

Importance of Core Strength for a Healthy Back

If you think core workouts are tailored for the sheer purpose of developing sexy abs, then you may be surprised to hear just how important your core is for your overall physical health. When you develop your core strength, it also reinforces the entire spine.

If your core isn’t strong, then back pain is sooner-or-later going to be a concern. Because of our modern lifestyles, unfortunately, office work simply restrains you from crashing by the gym as much as you need to. Gradually, the office life wanes your core strength, making you more vulnerable to back pain … or if you have sciatica, it will be triggered more times than the usual.

A way around this? The yoga ball chair, which passively exercises your core to keep its strength away from declining and into maintaining for a pain-free back.

The Best Ball Chair

gaiam custom fitProfessional ergonomic reviewers such as, highly recommend the Gaiam Custom Fit Balance Ball Chair. It gets a 5-star rating in all categories:

  • Price
  • Ergonomic Value
  • Comfort Level
  • Durability

This great product features a rolling base, which is highly recommended in ergonomic theory. Stagnation is the enemy of back pain. It also had a height adjustment, allowing you to come into the correct alignment with your keyboard and monitor. Ergonomics will tell you to always try to keep your forearms in parallel alignment with the ground and eyes level with the middle of your monitor. The Custom Fit’s height adjustment can set you up accordingly.

The ball itself is removable, encouraging and allowing you to take intermittent breaks for a quick workout during the day. The 1.5 hour DvD gives you plenty of work outs to choose from, that will help to strengthen your core and protect your back.

I highly recommend purchasing it from Amazon. Lowest price. Free shipping. Excellent return policy. You can’t go wrong.