News Yoga: the power of living

Yoga: the power of living


World Yoga day celebration in India

21st June 2015, India declared World Yoga Day. We all are familiar with the word yoga. Practising yoga everyday enhances our power of living. The yoga day in India was celebrated with a huge pomp and show. It appeared to be a day of national event, where a lot of people from every corner of the country participated enthusiastically. Even the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi performed his yoga art joining the crew surprosingly for 35 long minutes.

Does Yoga really enhances our power of living?

According to me its a big Yes. At least, I have felt the power in me after continuing the practices for several days. Usually, I used to be unfit, stressed and weak. but after joining the yoga classes, I find a new enlightened and fit person in Me. Its also mentioned in ‘Bhagvada Gita’ that ‘ yoga is that state of mind, when a person attains self enlightenment, by discarding all his emotions, desires and expectations and longs for only self attainment.’ So, today I am going to share my views on the benefits of yoga.

1. An overall fitness

Yoga helps us to gain fitness not only physically but also mentally. we can be called fit only if we r sound both mentally and physically. Yoga techniques, pranayamas (breathing techniques) helps us build a stronger body and a stronger mind.

2. Lose weight

Yoga is a accepted world wide as a great measure for weight loss. It doesn’t have any side effects. like, hitting a gymnasium or joining a dance class and suddenly putting a stop to it would make you gain weight quickly. But Yoga helps us in cleaning our system and making us relaxed. It makes us ready for healthy food and builds a strong digestive system, resulting into weight loss and stronger body.

3.Releasing Stress

Yoga works like a magic for releasing stress. A simple kapal bhaanti( pranayam) in the morning would work like a great stress buster. Our lives are usually very hectic and full of stresses. Regular Yoga would help us release all our stress and have a relaxed and smooth life.

4. Peace in you

We all love visiting peaceful and holy places to attain an inner peace. Yoga helps us attain this peace everyday, if performed regularly. You would find yourself relaxed and peaceful for the whole day and everything would seem pleasant to you everywhere. Thus, there’s a chance of getting promotions at your workplace by performing well with a peaceful mind.

5. Stronger Immunity

As I discussed Yoga: the power of livingearlier, yoga helps us detoxify unwanted substances from our body. It makes our digestive system stronger, thus, building a stronger immunity. Yoga would keep us free from unwanted diseases and it has been proved world wide.

6. Flexibility and gaining energy

By practising yoga everyday, our body becomes more flexible, toned and energetic. Just try it for a day, and you will find the difference in the energy levels in your body. Its a great measure for a perfect toned and fit body.

7. Strong Intuitive power

Meditation and yoga helps us to helps us to gain a strong intuitive power. It helps us in making quick decisions and even decide what is right and wrong. I helps us improving our inner self and gives us the power of building a stronger self. In other words, it helps us to connect to God: the ultimate spirit.

So, what are you thinking next? Set a goal of practising yoga from from today itself. Yoga is a daily practice. The deeper you go into it, the more you re-invent yourself. So, keep practising yoga for a better, stronger and powerful living.

Yoga: the power of living
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