You Can Buy a Laptop and Get a Free PS3! – Get Two Things You Want For a Price You Want More!

You read that title right – you can buy a laptop and get a free PS3. No, really. It can happen. When it comes to special promotions, manufacturers and retailers run events like this so that you will find yourself no longer resisting the temptation to purchase a big ticket item like a laptop because you’re getting more perceived value with another great item, like a PS3. If you can locate a buy a laptop and get a free PS3 offer, don’t blink – it’ll be gone before you know it. Take advantage of it right away if you can.

Sony VAIO Buy a Laptop and Get a Free PS3 Deal

In the Summer of 2011, Sony offered a pretty spectacular deal – purchase a Sony VAIO F series laptop and you would get a free PS3. Seriously. Ok, so Sony Entertainment was dealing with a lot of terrible publicity at the time because of their gaming network getting hacked, losing a lot of customer information, and being down for a month. Oh and there was the fact that Microsoft had earlier success with a similar promotion with their Xbox system. That’s what you’ve got to look for and be patient for when it comes to a buy a laptop and get a free PS3 sale – manufacturers look at repair public relations, garnering new customers, and they will do it at a time like going back to school when they believe they could generate new customers.

MDG Did It Too

So how rare is a buy a laptop and get a free PS3 deal? So rare that you have to go back to 2007 in order to find another record of one, but it’s there. Retailer MDG offered customers who purchased a laptop with an Intel Celeron processor a free PS3. Why would they make this offer? Because Celeron processors weren’t selling. Sure they clocked high speeds but holy moly would they generate heat. I have a laptop with one and it’s got a permanent hand print on the plastic casing because it was so hot. But if you were savvy you could attach a laptop cooler to it and have a pretty decent system AND have yourself a brand new PS3. Sweet, right?

So I Take It These Deals Aren’t Always Available?

You would be correct. In fact, since the inception of the PS3 to the general market, there have only been these two buy a laptop and get a free PS3 deals available. Oh sure you could reel off tons of surveys and try out deals and such, but those aren’t really free – those cost you a lot of time and sometimes money, thereby negating the ‘free’ aspect. You just have to keep your eyes open for great deals like this and strike when the time is right – there really is no other way.

So yes, you can buy a laptop and get a free PS3 if you wait for the deal to come to you and strike while it’s available – sure you might have to be patient and wait awhile, but just imagine how you’ll feel after you buy a new laptop and get your free PS3 to play too!