You Can Buy a Laptop and Get a Free Tablet! – Get Two Great Items For One Great Price!

I know, I know – it’s hard to believe that you can buy a laptop and get a free tablet, but it can happen. One of the things that retailers and manufacturers will do in order to generate publicity for a new item is to pair it with another great item that they think will entice customers to purchase. Of course the item that you need to buy in order to get the free one is often of high value, but if you can take advantage of a buy a laptop and get a free tablet offer, then do it!

Harvey Norman and Toshiba

A lot of people believe that a buy a laptop and get a free tablet offer is simply too good to be true, and quite frankly in many instances they would be correct. But in other instances, they are not so correct. Take this Harvey Norman deal, for instance. In September 2011, Harvey Norman offered any of their customers who purchased a Toshiba laptop that was priced over $1,000 a free Toshiba AT-100 tablet. That’s pretty good value, considering the retail price of the Toshiba AT-100 at the time was a cool $499. That means customers who took advantage of this offer were able to get $1,500 of new technology for $1,000.

Walmart and HP

Ok, ok – so you’re saying to yourself something like ‘This guy finds one instance of a case where you could buy a laptop and get a free tablet and now he’s trying to convince me that these deals are more common than I think. Well big retailers don’t offer deals like this!’ And that’s where you’d be wrong. In November 2011, Walmart offered a special to their customers that they could get a free HP Touchpad if they purchased any HP computer. With computers at Walmart starting at $348, that’s a pretty darn good deal right there. Sure the HP Touchpad had been discontinued, but that’s what you’ve got to look for – special deals at special times to get great prices on the stuff you want.

So Where Can I Find a Deal Like This Today?

You’re going to have to search for them. If I could have found a current buy a laptop and get a free tablet deal I would have posted a link so you could get the leftovers after I was done with that deal. And you’re going to have to be patient – retailers tend to do these sales when they need to liquidate inventory or when they know they are going to have tons of customers in their stores or online that they normally would not have.

So in short – yes, you can take advantage of a buy a laptop and get a free tablet offer, yes they are often quite valid and lucrative, and if you want to take advantage of that kind of deal, you’re going to have to do your homework and find it on your own!