You Can Buy a Laptop and Get a Free Xbox 360! – You Can Get Two Super Items at One Super Price!

It seems too good to be true that you can buy a laptop and get a free Xbox 360, right? Well I’m here to tell you that it can happen. Retailers and manufactures use promotions like this in order to generate interest in both of their products and themselves. The thought behind such a great promotion is that you’ll be enticed to purchase a higher value item because you’re getting two great items for the price of one. Finding a buy a laptop and get a free Xbox 360 is a super deal and it is one you can take advantage of if you watch carefully.

Amazon Did It

Yeah I get it. You’re thinking this is too good to be true, but a buy a laptop and get a free Xbox 360 has happened more than once in 2011. One of those instances was with the major online retailer Amazon offered this deal for one day only and you had to purchase a qualifying computer that had Windows 7 installed on it, but it was there for the taking if you were ready for it. That’s right – if Amazon can do a super deal like this, than anyone can, right?

Microsoft Did It For Everyone

That’s right – you read that right. In May 2011 Microsoft announced that to coincide with the release of Windows 7 that you could buy a laptop and get a free Xbox 360. All you had to do was purchase a qualifying laptop with Windows 7 on it from any retailer, send them a copy of the receipt and proof of your purchase, and they would send you a free Xbox 360 in the mail. Sweet, right? And if you are still doubtful, all the major news outlets covered this story and followed up with customers to make sure they received their free Xbox 360. Guess what? They did. How awesome is that?

So Are These Deals Always Available?

Of course not. If these buy a laptop and get a free Xbox 360 deals were always available, you’d either have to start paying more for laptops, watch workers get laid off, or watch laptop manufacturers run out of business. You just have to be patient and wait for the right time – these sales are offered during times when manufacturers have something special to promote or retailers think there are going to be extra customers in their store, like on Black Friday or going back to school like in the Amazon example above.

So to sum this all up – yes, you can take advantage of a buy a laptop and get a free Xbox 360 offer; yes they are valid and yes they are for real; if you want to take advantage of such a stupendous offer, you’re going to have to be patient and be ready – they can strike at any time and are often for an extremely limited time or with limited quantities.