you really need an expensive digital camera or will a cheap compact camera suffice?

The type of digital camera you need will depend entirely on the type of photography you do. If you rely on selling your digital images and photographs in order to survive you are going to need an expensive top end camera that is capable of producing high quality images, otherwise you don’t stand a chance of competing with other photographers in a highly competitive market.

If, however the overall quality of the photographs is of no real importance or significance then a cheap compact camera or an affordable point and shoot camera is going to be the best tool for you, and to spend a lot of money on anything else would be wasteful.

For example, some people don’t want to take creative photographs and instead are happy taking snap shots of places they visit, people they meet and events they attend. These photographs are used for their own personal pleasure and will only be seen by a few close friends or family members. These images are not going to be sold and there is not going to be a market for them, therefore image quality is not that important.

There are other people whose passion in life is writing articles, lenses and blogging and not photography. People like photos and adding picture media is a good way of enhancing a blog, article or lens therefore these people will take photographs to improve their written work. These photographs are typically small and since the image quality doesn’t need to be that good a cheap compact camera or an affordable point and shoot camera will be more than good enough to take these snaps.
It is always nice to have some top end equipment and have the best money can buy, but in these tough economic times it is often necessary to tighten our belts and make every penny count. In these times it is pointless and a waste of money to buy an expensive digital camera when a cheap compact camera or an affordable point and shoot will do the job. So, before you go and part with your hard earned cash and buy a digital camera you need to take a step back, think about what the types of photographs you want to take and buy the best camera for the job, whether it is a top end digital SLR camera or a cheap compact camera.