YOU WON!!! {no you didn't}

The Internet has become the heartbeat of Scams. People who normally wouldn’t believe they won a free cup of coffee with their pie actually click on those Banner Ads; ‘YOU WON‘.

Those who wouldn’t buy a lotto ticket answer those emails; ‘You’re address has been chosen to participate in our Ten Million Dollar Give Away!!!’

And of course, they are in constant email contact with a few dozen people who work for the Ministry of Finance in Nigeria.

Yet, people keep thinking that the next email is ‘genuine’, that the site actually does run lotteries, and they really did win, (or could win if they send in their entry fee).

Seniors are the most vulnerable. Although one might assume that having lived so many years they’d be the last to fall for a scam, they are often the first.

The Second major category are single women who join Dating Sites. Why people believe that ‘the computer’ can do a better job of matching them with their ‘true love’ than Aunt Selma is a mystery. Aunt Selma matches you to a person who actually exists and you don’t need to see a photograph as he’s standing over there talking to Cousin Harry. The Dating Site will match you with ‘Scott Grant’, (see the photo of the nice young man from Vermont? but the person behind the name is Adelakan Adejee, a 20 year old Lagos scam master. He and his clones have fleeced American women of thousands of dollars.

As sites will post Ads from just about any source, you will come across all sorts of fantastic deals and give aways as you log on. These are all scams of various colours of grey.

The point to write down on a post it and past on your screen is; ‘THERE IS NO PRIZE.’

Once you begin to believe you really really didn’t win, and will never win as there is no prize to be won, you will stop looking at those flashing banners, delete those emails unread, and avoid those dreamboats on dating sites who really are good to be true.