News Your Cell Phone is Being Monitored

Your Cell Phone is Being Monitored


We should have caught on when we heard about how the ‘Terrorists’ (whomever they happen to be in your jurisdiction) had their calls monitored. We should have guessed that since Terrorists don’t wear a sign they wren’t known to be terrorists until AFTER their calls were monitored.

In my jurisdiction a police office need merely ‘request’ the accounts of a customer giving the dates and he is handed a CD with the calls and a printout with the Texts.

The story that cell companies don’t keep records or records have a ‘life span’ are rubbish.

Every call you ever made, every text you ever sent is on record and can and will be used against you.

Before I knew that I would be rather free with my Texts.

As a Man U fan who hates Rooney I have texted many unpleasant things about him. Fortunately, he is unharmed or else I would be typing this from prison.

You may think I am playing Chicken Little, but I’m not.

The police can not only get a list of what you’ve Texted, but from which Tower. So you might as well be wearing a GPS (carrying some cell phones is).

Never say anything on a cell phone. Yes, you can say, ‘I’ll be home late,’ but that call better be coming from your office because it is not impossible for someone to find out what Cell Tower that call came from.

Never Text anything that can be even slightly prejudicial. If they can’t find Rooney they may assume I sent that Klingon Bird of Prey to Abduct him.

You can delete until your fingers bleed. It isn’t your phone which has the record, it is your provider. And your provider will put in two new servers to hold all the messages from the day you got your phone.

Vybz Kartel sent messages on his phone which make up part of the case against him. Lesser known people have been found because the police get their cell numbers and can tell where they are.

Consider your cell phone a member of the Thought Police and act accordingly

Your Cell Phone is Being Monitored
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