News Your Man Is Going Bald!

Your Man Is Going Bald!


Remember those thick, lustrous locks that used to perch upon your husband’s head in a dashing crown of glory? Well, it would appear that they are falling out. Yes, the only thing standing between his sexy mane and his soon-to-be barren, shiny scalp is time. You know it and, sadly, so does he.

If you’re dismayed to see those once flowing follicles fall to the floor, imagine how your husband must feel. How can you help him make a smooth transition from the ‘haired’ to the ‘hairless?’

Your Man Is Going Bald!
‘I swear there was a hair here, yesterday.’

You love your man–no matter what’s going on up top–and the last thing you want him to do is stress about going bald. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to help.

Leave the ‘Elephant in the Room’ Alone

Never tell a man he’s going bald. He likely knows it already and is living under the comfortable illusion–or delusion–that no one else has noticed. Don’t burst his bubble.

Instead, ‘How to Talk to Your Husband About Hair Loss’ recommends waiting for him to bring up the subject and, once he does, begin by assuring him that you love him no matter what happens to his hair. And, remember, just because the subject is open it does not mean that he wants to talk about it repeatedly or at length.

Stroke His Ego

any men feel like modern-day Samsons with the loss of their hair representing a decrease in their level of manliness and virility. You can help restore his self-confidence by frequently complimenting his appearance.

If he thinks that bald can’t be sexy, you may want to rhyme off a few of Hollywood’s hairless hotties. Jason Statham, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Pitbull, and Bruce Willis may spring to mind.

Your Man Is Going Bald!
No, it cannot be glued back on.

Soothe Him With Science

If your compliments aren’t enough to calm his fears, you may want to dazzle him with some empirical research. According to Time magazine, a series of three experiments conducted at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School showed that ‘guys with shaved heads are not only perceived by others as more manly and dominant than other men, but also taller, stronger, and having greater potential as leaders.’

Now, there’s a reason for your hubby to stop fighting his ever-expanding forehead and, instead, grab that razor and kiss those remnants bye-bye.

Don’t Do This

No matter how upset your better half may be over his hair loss, he will be relieved to know that things could be much worse. He could be an unfortunate balding man in the Victorian Age. According to the Daily Mail, the 1856 publication, Enquire Within Upon Everything, purported that a great way to cure your husband’s bald spot was to rub an onion frequently on the part requiring it. Apparently, the onion would restore the tone of the skin and assist the capillaries in sending forth new hair, which should, then, have the oil of myrtle berries applied to it. It is difficult to say which would prove more difficult–enduring the smell of one’s head after such a treatment or managing to locate a myrtle berry.

Your Man Is Going Bald!
‘Hair is highly overrated.’

The bottom line is your hubby is the same kind, funny, and intelligent man he’s always been–with or without a full head of hair.

Who is your favorite sexy bald celebrity?Your Man Is Going Bald!

Your Man Is Going Bald!
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