Your Off Road Road Rage Post

“Your Off Road Road Rage Post” is a place where you can vent your road rage in a safe and caring environment. Most of us think of ourselves as good drivers but some of us can go from being little angels to being dark angels in a millisecond if the right button gets pushed. One such button is the road rage button. When that button gets pushed, drivers have been known to react in a variety of ways that at times, has become extremely violent resulting in tragic consequences. Everyone makes mistakes and all of us could probably use some Drivers Ed refresher courses. So before you hit your road rage button, take a minute to take your road rage and post it here.

Rolling Road Blocks

Rolling roadblocks are one of my favorite road rage driving pet peeves. A rolling roadblock is when drivers drive at the same speed, (sometimes under the speed limit) side-by-side, blocking all lanes and not allowing other drivers to pass. Sometimes this seems like it goes on for what seems like miles. I sometimes wonder if the road blockers are oblivious or just control freaks out trying to provoke road rage.

Turn Left Here No! Turn Right!!

Another source of irritation is when drivers come to a complete stop before making a right turn when you have the right-of-way completely baffles me and triggers a minor road rage. I understand practicing safe driving but is this really safe? How many people have been rear ended because they stopped before making a right turn on a green light? You’re right about the person that rear ends someone in this situation was following to closely but don’t you agree that both parties could have helped avoid this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not faulting the driver that stops, but he could help the rest of us not go into a road rage by not doing that.

You’re Not Jeff Gordon

The driver that changes lanes and cuts you off is probably at the top of your road rage list when it. It’s one thing to pretend you’re LeBron James in your driveway but it’s another thing entirely when you pretend you’re Jeff Gordon on the highway. The highway isn’t a Nascar race track and you’re not Jeff Gordon or Dale Earnhardt Jr, so please stay in your lane and don’t cut other drives off. The only person you hurt in your driveway is yourself but you put other drivers in danger when you cut another driver off. Hopefully, a Category I road rage will be the only damage done when and if this happens.

IT Can Wait

Using cell phones, applying make-up and watching videos round out my list of road rage topics for now. I really haven’t gone into a rage about this because it really hasn’t inconvenienced me but it does scare me to see people doing this while they drive at 70 mph or faster. However, I would have to struggle to control the dark angel in me if someone caused me to have a wreck because they were using a cell phone, applying make-up or watching a video. Of course, this is contingent on me living through this road rage incident. What ever the post is about, it can wait.

Parking Place Thieves

While not actually a “road rage” incident, I want to give an honorary mention to the person that steals your parking space. They see you waiting for a person to back out of a parking space and they come from the other direction and slip into the space while the person that backed out of the space blocks you (unintentionally). Then the thief gets out of his car and looks at you like “What?!” that adds insult to road rage injury.

150 Dollar An Hour Anger Management Counseling

Don’t act it out on the road or you could end up being sentenced to $150 dollar an hour anger management counseling. Bring it to the “Off Road Road Rage: Post your road rage and post it here in the comments below. Think of it as psychotherapy without the 150 dollar an hour fee. Isn’t it ironic that the people that cause our road rage go on about their business oblivious to the fact that they’ve left us in need of psychotherapy? Unless of course they looked in their rear view mirror and saw a certain gesture you made. I really don’t think they heard you yelling at them. Maybe you could take a moment to pray for the instigating driver and for yourself. Who knows, you may save a life. At any rate, take a deep breath and share your road rage here in the comments section. Comments are moderated so please keep all comments road rage ‘*@&!*<' friendly.

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