Your Online Writing Business

Are you writing to make money or as a hobby? If you are writing to make money do you think about your online writing as a business?

Every successful business is run as one. If you intend to boost your writing income to where you can give up the day job then you need to take a careful look at your writing and at what you do to secure your writing income against future changes in the Internet.


Every business has sources of short-term, medium-term and long-term income. You can run your writing business in the same way.

Short-Term Income

When you get paid on delivery of an article to an employer you receive a one-off payment. This is your short-term income. You receive $5-10 and never receive another cent from that article.

As a self-employed writer with an insecure income you need to be able to produce short-term income on demand. This will be useful to pay the car insurance or to buy a new washing machine.

Medium-Term Income

When you write articles to receive advertising revenue this is your medium-term, repeating income. You may have your articles on directory sites like Seekyt or on your own websites. If you are sensible you will have them on both. Most of your business income should be coming from this type of work. People sometimes call this residual income. If you are ill and stop writing this income will keep on coming for years.

Long-Term Income

The only long-term income you have is in the growth of your own websites. If you work hard at your online writing business your websites will grow to a stage where you can sell them. Spending time writing for your own sites is like making payments into an insurance policy that will probably pay you a lump sum in twenty years time.


The exact proportion of time you spend on each income stream will vary according to your own circumstances. There is no “right” balance.

Setting Up Your Online Writing Business

If you are new to online writing then you will need to build a reputation as a good writer who can deliver the goods on time. This is best achieved through forum participation at an article directory site.

You will also need to have contact channels set up for employers who need a writer.

Lastly you must learn to build your own websites. If you use WordPress it is simple enough for a child to do.