Your Quest to Feel Young Again may Cause a Heart Attack

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As men age, their bodies naturally change. As a boy is entering his teenage years he gets taller, grows more body hair, has a deepening voice, and accumulates muscle mass. This is because his hormones are changing and his testosterone levels are skyrocketing. These hormones level out in the early 20’s and then remain relatively unchanged until that individual is around 40 years old. After age 40 many men begin to feel lethargic. They notice they are not as strong as they once were, and their hair starts to fall out. Simply put, they don’t feel as youthful as they did. This sends them on a quest to discover what is “wrong.”

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Testosterone Supplements

For millions of men that means visiting with their doctor. A quick analysis of what is going on, and the doctor may conclude that the individual is suffering from low testosterone. Occasionally there is a blood test involved to determine the actual testosterone levels, but often this is not done. The prescription is expensive, about $400 per month, but the man thinks if it helps him feel better you will be fine with that.

Testosterone supplements do work. Within a week of taking the new drug (which is easily applied to the underarm like deodorant, or through a slow release patch that is applied before bed) the individual will notice more spark and vitality than he had before. This is primarily due to the fact that the drug causes an increase in blood cell production; more cells mean more oxygen to brain and muscles.

The Problem with Testosterone Supplements

The issue lies primarily with the fact that there are more blood cells. When the cell count increases, the blood cannot move quite as fast. This can lead to blood clots in men.

Studies have found that men who take low testosterone drugs, such as Androgel, Fortesta, or Axiron among others, are at an increased risk of developing heart disease, suffering from blood clots, or having a stroke. These studies, one done in 2013 and another in 2014 both came to the same conclusion: testosterone supplements are dangerous.

These studies led the FDA to require a warning on the box about the risk of blood clots, and as of January 2014 the administration is investigating the claims further to determine just how safe these drugs are.

What is Low Testosterone?

The biggest issue with these drugs is that they are often not even necessary. The symptoms that many of these men are suffering from are just natural signs of getting older; they are not because of an abnormal drop, or an abnormally low level, of testosterone.

Testosterone varies so much between individuals that it is difficult to determine what low testosterone even is. For one person that thinks they have low testosterone might be high levels in another. There is no conclusive evidence as to where the levels should be to be considered normal, so science has put a huge range on that number.

The bottom line is that as men grow older, they don’t feel as young as they used to. Pharmaceutical companies have captured that fear and marketed their drugs toward those who want to increase their stamina, feel young, and have more energy.

Contact a Dangerous Drug Attorney

If you have used testosterone supplements, and you have suffered from heart attack, stroke, or blood clots, you may be able to file a testosterone lawsuit. Contact a dangerous drug attorney right away to schedule your free initial consultation. You may be able to collect compensation to cover medical expenses.

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Your Quest to Feel Young Again may Cause a Heart Attack, Seekyt
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