Your Smart Home Automated Security System and Toilet Are About to be Hacked Into

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Has your automated home security system, baby monitor, or car remote control system been hacked? If you have a cell phone, home security system, Wi-Fi, baby monitor, or car remote activation system, you, your family, and your property can be seen, and in some cases heard, from any where in the world. Hackers, people that use computers to get access to other computer systems, like your home network, can use your home electronics to see what’s going on in your smart home and even record live video in some cases. But it get’s worse. Hackers can even get control of your automated toilet.

Big Brother or Little Brother

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The National Security Agency (NSA) came under fire in 2013 for “spying” on Americans emails and phone calls. NSA claimed that this was necessary for national security. But this kind of hacking isn’t new and it’s easy enough for anyone with the ability and equipment to do. Like the high school kid with a laptop down the street from your place. So how secure are your home and family?

Safe Home Open House

Your Smart Home Automated Security System and Toilet Are About to be Hacked Into, SeekytBy attempting to make your family more secure with smart home security systems, you may have given criminals the tools that they can use to violate your smart home and your family. By becoming increasingly automated, we’re becoming more accessible to security system hackers that break through computer firewalls, which are supposed to keep them out, like burglars pick locks to open locked doors. When you got an Internet package for your computer system, you where connected through a phone line that became a potential entry point for thieves. Some Internet packages include Wi-Fi, which is the ability to connect your electronic devices (computers, iPads, kindles.,) to the Internet wirelessly. This way your devices connect to signals sent through the air. This may be a great convenience for you but it’s like giving a computer hacker a crowbar to break into your electronic world.

Bluetooth Controlled Door Locks

For example, the Yves Behar’s August Smart Lock, is a battery-powered lock that doesn’t rely on wireless or phone networks to operate — it’s all controlled via Bluetooth technology. So, if there’s a power outage, there won’t be an interruption. And if your phone battery dies, you can still open your door with a physical key, or by borrowing a friend or neighbor’s phone to download the app, log on, and then open your door. It’s suggested that you use these locks with a deadbolt lock but is it possible for hackers to download the app, crack your password, and get entry to your home?

Who’s Watching the Baby

If you use a baby monitor to keep an eye on your baby, smart home invaders can get into your sleeping babies nursery without ever “stepping” into your home. They do this by hacking into your computer network which your baby monitor is connected to. Then they can see everything that you can see when you monitor the baby. They may even be able to take pictures or even record live video. All Internet providers offer some level of protection against hacking but hackers say it’s only a matter of time before someone will be able to break through your security.

Gone In 60 Seconds

Vehicles are coming with more great electronic options that you can use to do things like unlock and start cars with. If your car has these options, just imagine the possibilities. It’s possible that a car thief could hack into you car and be gone in a matter of minutes. This could happen anywhere at anytime.


Your Smart Home Automated Security System and Toilet Are About to be Hacked Into, SeekytApparently, anything with a microprocessor for a brain can be hacked into. That could be a shocking situation with some Japanese manufactured toilets that feature automated Bidets. These electronic smart toilets can be hijacked and remotely activated by anyone with the know how. Imagine the shock when someone takes your toilet hostage and uses it as a weapon against you. Toilets like this may be too smart for your own good. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent this is to use software too prevent a hacker from taking control of your appliance. But hackers always find a way to break through firewalls so you have to constantly upgrade software. You have to ask yourself is it really worth it to expose yourself like this?

Unsecure Cameras

Home security systems have been around for a while and have helped prevent some break-ins and helped catch some home invaders. You can use your cell phone, tablet, or computer to connect to your home security system over the Internet and see what’s happening inside and outside of your home through automated home security cameras. But security system hackers use these same security cameras as eyes to see into your home. The fact that a hacker that’s looking into your home may live right down the street is a scary thought.

Home Alone Female

Your Smart Home Automated Security System and Toilet Are About to be Hacked Into, SeekytSome hackers hack as a hobby because they think it’s fun. Others hack so that they can find a vulnerable person to take advantage of. They’re very patient and may watch for a long time before they attempt to physically enter your home or steal your vehicle. Automated home hackers watch to see what time you leave home in the morning and what time you come home at night. They also see when you pack up to leave for vacation. This information gives smart home security system hackers windows to try to physically break into your home. Some of these home security system hackers are also looking to prey on women that live alone. They’re looking for the right time to break in on an unsuspecting victim.

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Your Smart Home Automated Security System and Toilet Are About to be Hacked Into, Seekyt
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