Your Website Colour Matters

People easily gravitate towards attractive and eye-catching colours. As a blogger and website owner, I often change the background colours on my site. I also wonder what colours will attract visitors to my site. Your colour choice will definitely affect the visitors to continue visiting your website and blog.

What determines your colour choice?

When selecting your colours, think of the following:

  • colour detonation
  • the overall contrast
  • tonality
  • niche of your blog or website.
  • psychology of color and
  • colour scheme

Colour Denotation
White denote Holy
Blue denote Love
Yellow denote Jealous
Green denote Agriculture
Purple denote Royal
Pink denote Pride
Black denote Devilish
Red denote Danger
Ash denote Glory
Neutral denote Poor
Grey denote Blessing
Metallic denote PrideSilver denote Rich
Gloss-lustre denote Beauty
Gold denote Wealth

Colour scheme, tonality and contrast

How you use and combine colours is important . Avoid colours that will strain the eyes.and note that using a single colour can be effective or ineffective in your layout. Some websites choose dark colours. The disadvantage of using dark colours with white texts is that visitors will find it difficult to see and read the prints. You can use black colour for the border but combine it with light colours where you have your content or text. Colours that contrast and clash are not good . Example is a dark background with yellow and white font. Such colour combination will turn off visitors and moreover it will not look professional.

Website or blog niche

If your blog is about fun, you need bright colours. If your niche is more of a serious one, then I suggest you use a sober theme and colour. Some people select dark colours for their entertainment niche. I used a light colour, pink on white for my blog, so select light colour combinations like white becaue the colours help the viewer to read the texts clearly. Also, use any colour you want behind your blog. Try to keep the colors balanced around the areas you’re adding content. It all depends on what the site ansd blog is about. Make your fonts a light color on a dark background or a darker color on a lighter background .
The colour of the content or text can be white or light. Try to make the colors creative and let it match. Let the colour be simple. For example, a grey footer with white body will go well together. A dark background can be fairly good for personal blogs that you intend to monetize or make money from. It is suitable when you ‘re using tables. A white table background is also good. There’re some texts that seem to look like black versions but aren’t black because of the amount of contrast in the background. There’re softer versions of black and white that are easier on the eyes. It would be a good idea to experiment with softer versions of whichever colours you choose.

In addition, if you’re making a niche about the universe definitely you’ll need a black background to show your blinking stars. You can use white background for the frames and table. If it’s a gaming site and forum, you can use black with dark blue or light grey with black. If it’s a food blog, use light red or dark pink for your site. Pure white with pure black will be too harsh on the eyes. Trust the viewers, they’ll spend less time on the page.

Let me conclude by saying that your choice of colour usage for your website matters to your visitors. When McDonalds was first opened, all their chair and tables were red. The psychology behind using red is that it makes the customers unrelaxed so they sit, eat immediately and get up for the next customer. Colour usage is about value, brightnesss, perceived colour and contrast.