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You may want to consider Yourtel Wireless if you live in Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington State or Rhode Island and need a free government cell phone.

As you probably already know, all of the states included have higher populations of Native Americans and tribal reservations. And because of this fact, there is even a special tribal discount given. So, for 1000 monthly minutes at just $1 a month, you can get a free mobile phone using the special Native American discount.

Safelink and Assurance Wireless only have 250 free monthly minute cell phone plans. So this may be a no brainer when it comes to being able to choose one of the best free cell phone plan, provided you live in the states previously mentioned.

Terracom Wireless Phones

Yourtel Wireless is actually run by a wireless company called Terracom Wireless based in Oklahoma City, OK. Phones under this program are provided under the popular Lifeline Program, which was started by the government more than 25 years ago.

The idea of the Lifeline program was to give poor people and seniors alike a way to have access to free telephone service. At the time, wireline was popular so the program focused solely on providing low cost or free landline service. And let’s face it, an expensive monthly phone bill is often the reason people go without one. Or just as worse, they need to make choices between other living expenses just to be able to have an open line of communication.

Did you know that the average wireless phone bill hovers at around $50 dollars a month? This money could be spent paying down debt or adding to other bills, not paying on wireless phone.

Other Yourtel Wireless Free Government Phone Features

Though you may have never heard of Yourtel or Terracom Wireless Free Cell Phone Program, you can bet that it offers quite a few nice perks.

  • 68, 125, 250 or 1000 monthly minutes a month
  • An unlimited plan at $6.20 a month
  • Roll Over minutes
  • Text messaging at .03 cents a minute
  • A Free Wireless Phone
  • Free 611 Calls
  • VM
  • 3-Way
  • Call Waiting
  • Long Distance (with the exception of International)

It’s important to note that NO free wireless phone program offers free roll over minutes, other than Yourtel Wireless. With most other plans, once you’ve used up your 250 minutes for the month you’re done. Now you have the option of using all the minutes you didn’t use last month.

Yourtel Wireless Requirements

Well generally the requirements are the same with most other free phone companies. You musts meet some income guidelines, typically below 135 to 150% of the poverty level.

The other requirements could include being on ONE of the following Federal programs:

• Food Stamps
• Social Security
• Medicaid
• Section 8

You should probably know that internet data isn’t included, nor will you be provided an internet capable handset. You will be allowed only texting. But based on all that is included, this is still a great deal.

Just remember too that you must reside within, RI, WA, OK, KS, and IL. Of course, if you don’t live in these states you still have options with Budget Mobile, Assurance Wireless and Safelink Wireless.
But hopefully if you live the above locations, you’ll give Yourtel Wireless a try.

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