YouTube Alternatives for Business Video Hosting

Quite a few businesses nowadays use video as a part of their marketing strategy. While YouTube is a popular option for hosting this type of media, there are several other options. If you produce a promotional short film it helps to know what alternatives are available for publishing your content.

Internet users tend to like video. It is popular among younger users of the web, who have grown up with music videos and other forms of entertainment that are heavily based on fast moving images, such as video games.

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It is important to have alternatives for people who want to quickly read information and move on. Remember that not all of your visitors will have the time to sit through a ten minute video. Provide a transcript of the video or offer another way of quickly reading through the information that is presented in the video.

Companies nowadays may easily budget as much as $500,000 for online video. Larger organizations may set aside even more when they can afford it. If you rely solely on YouTube, you may not achieve your objectives for video marketing. However YouTube will allow you to reach a significant number of consumers.

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One of the chief disadvantages of using YouTube is that the platform automatically shows related content while a viewer is watching a short film. Usually, this related content is coming from competitors. This means that companies that host this form of content cannot as easily steer potential customers in the direction they desire.

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There are options for online video that make it easy to deliver content on Blu-Ray and video game consoles. You can also easily create DVDs and publish short movies on iTunes.

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Sorenson Media Group’s Online Video Platform Deals

Sorenson Media has packages that start at $99 per month. This suits small businesses. Large enterprises can get unlimited video durations and more for $1,000 a month.

BrightCove Video Cloud Options

Brightcove is another option for very large companies. Brightcove serves many global brands and offers features that media corporations find useful. They have a package of 50 videos for $99 per month.

Vidyard Pricing is Affordable

Vidyard has the lowest priced option for small businesses, with monthly packages starting at $34. With that deal, you get to increase engagement and form better relationships with your clients.