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Z Arrangement Classroom Seating Design Advantages

Classrooms in the current age need to be very flexible and efficient than those of the past. New classroom designs including the Z arrangement classroom have many aspects which may have been left out in the past. Here are the Z-arrangement classroom design advantages:

1. The first advantage is that of an efficient workspace. It opens out space unlike any other design and makes free space for the teacher to walk in without any obstructions. Moreover creates a larger ambience which suits students in a classroom. A traditional classroom design can become quite cramped according to the way the tables and chairs are laid out. It has a closer look with all the students facing in one direction and creates monotony for the students as well.

2. It suits all types of teaching as well as learning. According to studies of classrooms especially in the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten categories the z-shaped classroom was found to be most suitable. The shape has the maximum number of corners and can be easily divide into smaller areas. These small sections can be used by students to work on individual projects or as smaller groups of students than a whole classroom.

3. The teacher’s space is enhanced with this design by the creating of a Z shape. The teacher has a commanding position in the classroom and can effectively supervise the activities of all the students in the classroom. This is important since a teacher can identify students who may be engaged in other activities like playing games or talking to other students instead of paying attention to the teacher.

4. Lighting is of great importance in a classroom. The design should be such that there are no dark corners or unlit areas. The Z-shaped design allows for an equitable distribution of light and makes sure that there are no dark areas within the classroom. Light can influence the way a student performs in the class. A bright classroom means a more cheerful atmosphere while a dark classroom can make students lose focus sometimes.

5. Due to the equal space created by this design, it is beneficial for the HVAC systems as well. The equally distributed occupancy over the area of the classroom allows for an optimum use of HVAC in the area. This will also save on energy costs in the long run since the drafts of air are not being wasted.

6. The teacher can easily divide the classroom in order of abilities of the students and focus more on students who need closer attention. This is facilitated by the z-shaped classroom. This will be helpful for the teacher as she can devote more attention to the students who are seated in the middle part of the classroom.

7. The students will also find the Z-shape a good change from the traditional classroom design. Since all the students are not facing in one direction it can encourage constructive interaction between students during important lessons. All the questions do not have to be directed towards the teacher and some answers can be provided by the students themselves. It fosters initiative amongst students and encourages them to become more proactive in the long run.

After going through the points given above, it is clear that the z-classroom design advantages are beneficial to teachers as well as students.

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