Zenonia 3 Walkthrough and Cheats Android

The first part of this useful handy guide will teach you, how to get level up or skip levels too fast in Zenonia 3 just with easy steps in second part I will teach you about how to make easy money in Zenonia 3. Also do not forget that these cheats and walkthrough are limited for Android version of Zenonia, you cannot apply these cheating code of Zenonia 3 while playing on Iphone or IPad.

How to kill monsters easily?

You will also learn about killing monsters techniques on Central Maru Island. Let’s first discuss how to kill these horrible monsters in an easy way, the most reliable way to finish any monster is to attack on him from a long distance, do not dare to go so close to any monster, monsters are very clever and they are always ready to suck your blood. Always attack on a monster from the range of 10 or more than 10 meters, incase you attack on them in a close-up position; it will seriously damage your fighter health and injures you.

Level up fast Zenonia 3 cheats:

1- Take a start from initial town and hold your position on the challenging tower, stay around this tower until you kill all monsters from a far distance.

2- After killing all monsters there hold the control of this challenger tower.

3- Only choose petyuri2 or hsh1619 names until you cross up to 60 levels of Zenonia 3, after crossing level 65 you will get a direct offer to skip next 20 levels.

4- Now change your fighter name and also change your guy.

5- Continuo to play without any health damage.

Make easy money with cheat codes in Zenonia 3 Android app:

There are only two steps to make money fast in Zenonia 3, before follow these cheats you must make at least the investment of 2500, I prefer 3000 and also do not forget to select Supreme Pickaxe before making any investment.

Leave the Amarance tower and move forward in left side, you can also take help from your map, after taking some distance you will find a big mountain. Now try to hold the control of this mountain by killing black monsters and than move toward town of Delfoy, after completing this level you can see your money double.